Lack of comms slowed Ambulances during London Bombings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Hmmmmm......Don't think so...Reckon Clansman would have had even nore trouble in LOndon that it normally does on Catterick training area!
  2. Lack of commas was identified as a problem by emergency planners years before 7/7, the fact that they weren't available is purely down to funding by a government who was fully aware fo the problem.
  3. Lack of Comms I mean!
  4. We have other systems available.
  5. No its not, certain units were swamped with calls asking if the comms systems were deploying. That they didn't deploy is probably more down to the arrogance of the Metropolitan Police thinking they could do the job without military support.
  6. He could ask his local Sigs Sqn for a demo?
  7. I'm still pretty incredulous that the GTPS / ECN wanst kicked in - at least it would have cleared the landline and mobile phone networks of unneccesary traffic. Surely this was exactly the type of situation that it was developed for?
  8. I'm not sure, it was localised, London only, not a national emergency, do you shut down all calls within London inluding the financial centres where we trade £ Billions. Also how many registered handsets are there? Most people use their own and claim for calls, this means how do you know which handsets/Tel no's to enable?

    PS, how many people registered for GTPS and how many moved, changed supplier or service (Broadband) and have not re supplied the information?
  9. I had thought that most of the emergency planning had sought to include police/emergency services mobile numbers under the ACCOLC scheme (the mobile networks version of GTPS)

    if they hadnt, then that shown a serious lack of foresight, and I thought it was one of the lessons learnt from the Aintree bomb scare (IIRC the EOD boys hadnt registered their mobiles and got cut off)

    as far as I'm aware, the few occasions when the system have been used have covered localised incidents rather than national ones, the grand national being the last time it was used so there is precedent.
  10. Exactly, theres more to Signals than Clansman.