lack of a nad.

hi all, this is a great way to introduce myself, eh?

the problem is, when i was younger i had to get an undescended testicle removed, and im worried about how this might affect me getting into the army.

its not like there are any problems with testosterone or anything, and the only real problem (?) is that i might not be able to have kids. anyway, will this be a problem?

edit: oops, meant to post this in the helt and fitness section. sorry, im new :)
From what I've heard, you could probably go far in the German army.
I knew a bloke who had 3! Would a transplant be possible? If so, would any kids be yours or his?
As I'm sure it won't effect your day-to-day life I can't see any reason why it should stop you.
thanks for the help and suggestion, ill bear them in mind. and ancient mariner? put me in touch with this guy and i'll give him fifty quid for the spare :)
PassingBells said:
Never stopped ol' Adolf.

I assume that you've pickled the other and it's in a jar on the mantlepiece.

either that or the wife keeps it on a silk cushion next to the bed, but i'd guess it'll look kind of like a prune by now :wink:
PassingBells said:
Never stopped ol' Adolf.

I assume that you've pickled the other and it's in a jar on the mantlepiece.
Or the Albert Hall?
Seriously, guys, there's an important health point to be made here.

I had the same problem as a sprog - I didn't have that 'nad removed, but did have it sewn firmly and permanently into place.

The stitching has lasted, ooh, over 20 years and is still going strong (unlike, say anything made by Webtex).

So far, problems at all.

All working fine.

Strong like bull.

(Mind you my parents did go private. Wouldn't entrust anyone's 'nads to the NHS).

If you have a young son, it is well worth checking that both nads are in the right place and, if not, get it sorted. Failure to do so can lead to serious complications, including a much greater risk of male cancers.
I can sell you one...... cos I'm in the very fortunate position of having a third ball.

It's a complete nightmare lugging this thing round in my sack. It produces far too much of the old you know what and since the age of about ten I've been on eight or nine tugs a day. That's all very well when you are a fit young 20 something soldier, but now I'm 40 it just isn't the done thing any more.

I'd be glad to see the back of the fu. cking thing.
My brother in law managed to get his nads twisted some how. Apparently its really painful especially when you sit down. He had loads of time off work as he's a postman!!
If it does not affect your day to day life or cause you any health problems what so ever I can't see it being any problems!
It's not a medical condition it was a treatment!