Labours true Immigration Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Could this be Labour pulling the roof in before they leave next Thursday.
  2. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Inbound border controls to Dover are performed at the port of departure in the case of France(by UK Border Agency staff),and I would imagine this must be the case with Belgium as well.

    Departing passengers sometimes come under scrutiny departing Dover by a British agency,not sure which one.
  3. IIRC last time I did the ferry trip from France the Border controls are in Dover, only Eurotunnel has staff deployed to the Coquelles terminal. All other ferry ports remain sovereign i.e. Dutch and Belgian ports have Dutch/Belgian border police, not British.
  4. Scorched Earth policy, remove all controls so that its a fait accompli... look on the bright side though... Cyclops himself will be out of a job with a week!!
  5. I've been stopped going out of Dover 'checking for knives, guns, other prohibited items Sir', think it was customs (not that he bothered checking the rest of the coachfull of soldiers mind you, just little old me).

    Never been stopped coming into Dover though, despite the number of times my car has obviously been laden down with enough booze to kill an elephant. Not quite sure what the moral of the story is here.
  6. Having completed the scottish dream of ****ing England up in revenge for past defeats!
  7. Dont worry england will have its revenge when we first of all convert Scotland into an immigrant Detention centre.

    Then subsequently rename it "Imapct Area" on all military maps!! :twisted:
  8. Wots one of those?
  9. It's what happens to your faculties when you sit in one for too long.
  10. Didn't know Liebour had a policy on this!
  11. There have been no de facto controls for quite some years now.

    Being a regular driver to and from le continent, it's quite sickening to see the way the immigration staff all step back and let the dross wash through when it looks like there are enough of them to cause a problem.

    Of course, Borat and his mates have twigged to this and come over in packs.
  12. Meanwhile:

    "Beaming with delight, this is Ben Grinnell, a mid-ranking civil servant who is supposed to help keep our borders safe.

    If he looks pleased with himself, he has every cause to be after being paid around £500,000 of public money last year - more than treble the salary of Gordon Brown.

    Mr Grinnell joined the UK Border Agency in September 2007 as an IT consultant and was given responsibility in leading projects including Labour's notorious plans for national identity cards.

    The Daily Mail has learned that as Director of Business Design and Development he was paid a huge daily rate, additional consultancy fees and expenses that amounted to just under £500,000 a year. "
  13. So the Mail gets it wrong again. He isn't a civil servant. He's a consultant.
  14. Thats just semantics Ashie and well you know it.