Labours Party Political Broadcast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shootingbates, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Opinions of Labours Party Political Broadcast...

    Watched Labours party broadcast: None of their politicians on screen, and after 13 years in government they tried to get us to think just about the 2 years in which they screwed the economy and bumbled away from a depression, luck not skill. If these traitors, liars and cheats get into power again, the British people have lost their self respect!

    Forget taking to the streets, I'll take to the rooftops!

  2. Can i vote for "Epic Fail"?

    This is what happens when you bankrupt your party and are forced to shoot stuff with a camcorder!
  3. I think it was very fair of you to watch their broadcast.
  4. I listen to their Party Political Broadcast daily thanks to Messrs Naughtie, Humprys and Madame.

    This government tells LIES!

    End of Party Political Broadcast.
  5. They haven't done anything wrong, but now, suddenly, after 13 years - they're going to get it right.

    Un-bee-leevable! :slow:
  6. They should be called the Tories then.
  7. They will be in a few weeks!
  8. "This government tells LIES!

    End of Party Political Broadcast.

    They should be called the Tories then.
    They will be in a few weeks!"

    Nice one, now got a keyboard covered in the tea I was drinking as I read that. Sven/Whet yet again proves he isnt the brightest arrser!

    As for the Labour broadcast - what a load of cack!
  9. :D About sums it up. Pure tragicomedy.
  10. It's gonna be bast4rd hard work carrying them barricades up all them stairs.

    Anyone else think it is time to stop whining and start planning for real change?
  11. I am planning :twisted:

    Amazing what you can see from a rooftop!
  12. Ah, sensei... i'm with you!
  13. you'd think unite could have had a whip round and slipped labour a tenner so they could have doubled the budget!
  14. Whet, you are so.....erm.....Wet.....
  15. Can't wait for the Tories. No doubt it I'll be a Camoron w@nk fest....All those daft bats with blue rinses and silly old sods will be getting their final stiffy....Doomed I tell ya, Were all doomed....