Labour's latest batty idea - "Service Schools" run by ex-forces

As somebody who went to a military school have to say it didn't do me any lasting harm. Also we had a Teacher who was German, who when he was bored with teaching us would tell us about his time in a Russian POW camp after the war [he was caught in Berlin during the final days]. Some of those stories were horrible.
However and when you considers Govies plans, reintroduce the cat-o-nine-tails, pond ducking of witches , learn by rote, toffing ones cap to upper classes, wooden clogs and gruel, return of 'O' levels and CSEs so that we can all be failures at 14. I think this a slightly sensible idea as apposed to Govies weren't Victorian days brill? Besides which bayonet practice would be a right barrel of laughs. Smith minor of the remove strapped to an A frame and run through with a toasting fork. Spiffing What What
This is just more rhetoric from Labour trying to get popular. They are probably listening to people who say bring back national service etc and so have come up with this idea to get votes. If they get in, it won't happen because they never fulfil their election promises and they will find it will cost too much.


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not as bad as - Why the military must invade our schools - Telegraph

bosnia, iraq, afghanistan then cricklewood high school - the army just cant take it.

we would be slaughtered despite recent experiences. soldiers would be mentally scarred from being dissed on facebook and sacked for shagging the sixth form.

it was bad enough when they let soldiers run the prisons.
You can't mark him down for effort. Lots of recently made redundant Armed forces personel, and all of a sudden - Labour the Party that care, vote for me as an election is not far away.
Watch the Commons today to see how close we are!


Really? I don't think so.
Look at what they said last time something like this was proposed (fast tracking ex Servicemen into teaching). The usual rent a gob marxists kicked up a huge fuss and it vanished from the news.
There is some merit in this idea, but turkeys dont vote for Christmas.
Modern teachers do not have much of a clue about how the modern army operates .
I heard one interviewed a few months back who said " I don't see how peeling potatoes will help children's education ".
Maybe teachers ought to be taught by the military , rather than the kids .
The Methods of Instruction course would be a great use to them for a start .
Mixing forces people and teachers will be like mixing oil and water , but fun to watch nevertheless .
I saw a program sometime ago on this. This has already been established in the US, whereby ex servicemen teach in "Da Hood". Somebody obviously saw Tom Beringer in "The Substitute" and thought this would be a good idea. In the US it is working, students are performing better and class delinquency is down.

I have heard that there are plans to bring the CCF into State Schools with Squaddies to teachers.


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Look at what they said last time something like this was proposed (fast tracking ex Servicemen into teaching). The usual rent a gob marxists kicked up a huge fuss and it vanished from the news.
There is some merit in this idea, but turkeys dont vote for Christmas.
Unions are pretty powerless these days, many of my teachers were ex-forces. Can't see it being attractive to many though.


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I would like to take form 3b for advanced beasting then PT till you puke second period if thats possible
. . and when you considers Govies plans, . .
One of which was courting News International to create a Free school

Rupert Murdoch reveals meetings with Michael Gove over free schools | Education |

I can see the time table now . .

09:00 - Registration
09:15 - Door-stepping
10:15 - Break
10:30 - Phone Interception
12:00 - Lunch-Time
13:00 - Finance / mathematics (Is the Private Investigator worth the money?)
13:45 - Photography (Long distance)
14:30 - Humanities - When is it in the Public interest?
15:15 - Home time
As an ex Military School kid, I think the idea has some serious merit - however the RAEC no longer exists, and the ETS is undermanned, so how are they going to make it work?
They are talking about using ex forces as teachers - no big deal, there are already a lot of ex forces personnel who have gone into that career, but who is going to actually run the school?
If it's the local authority, the teachers will be hamstrung by liberal lefties saying you can't discipline the kids, so the benefit is lost.
If it's the MOD - where is the money going to come from? and are we going to expand the ETS back to the old roles of the RAEC? or even have a "Reserve Forces" ETS specifically for this purpose?.

I like the idea of schools run with more discipline and values, and with teachers who actually give a shit about how the kid turns out - I see it regularly as a Cadet instructor when you get a kid who the teacher/parent says "He/She is out of control and they mentioned cadets so we thought we'd try it, but don't give my little darling too much grief, they can't handle it" .
The kid takes a month or so to get the hint that the "youf culture" attitude is not acceptable and starts put in some effort, - cue parents/teachers coming in saying "I don't know what you did, but thanks- he/she is a different kid".
Most kids CAN be valued members of society, but they need someone to look up to, and a sense of belonging - otherwise they look up to the "rap culture" and belong to gangs..

Just my 2c
oh, and by the way - those kids need a serious lesson on beret shaping and ironing - I can only hope they are first years on their first parade - that looks like the old matrons house outside Haig/Kitchener so they could be.

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