Labour's Great Betrayal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Apologise if already posted,

    Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “In the years to come immigration will be seen as Labour’s great betrayal

    More than three million migrants under Labour - Telegraph

    Even though Labour, or shall I say Red Ed has already admitted they got their IP wrong, Labour's legacy amongst others will scar the UK for years...
  2. CMD doesn't seem to be doing a lot to change it though.
  3. Not defending CMD however it'll possibly take a 'lot' longer than 2015 to retify the problem, a constant ongoing battle with the ECHR, along with all those Liberal blood sucking lawyer's & other factor's it won't happen straight away...
  4. And the Tory policy will naturally be as well thought out as their plans to sell the Forestry Commission. Someone really ought to buy these dicks a Calculator:

    Education Economy in Jeopardy, News Article, Immigration, Yorkshire
  5. And does anyone think that the SDR was a good thing?
  6. Good? Hardly. Unfortunately necessary, however.
  7. Better than continuing with the cunning plan of writing blank cheques until one of our creditors finally asks for his money back and the whole thing collapses. I'm no fan of the defence budget being hammered again when theres billions being spunked on shite such as the Olympics but sadly I suspect I'm in the minority and that we or our kids will suffer for such short termism but such are the perils of democracy.
  8. This just Labour's way of showing what a modernising political party they are. The natural home for halfwits, lackwits, Chavs, Vicky Pollards, commies, euro-socialists and all other creatures form the old eastern bloc after the demise of Soviet Communism.
  9. You can of course qualify such a racist and inflamatory remark?
  10. not going to argue with you their not sure the Condems are that much better though.:(
  11. And every one a ******* crook. Especially that cnut Kinnock and his Gladys.
  12. Like the way you left the rest of the quote out a la BBC style, as a quick retort can you say why it is racist and inflamatory, after all both are thought of as perception?
  13. Scar would denote that it's a negative. Quick enough of a retort for you?
  14. Scar denotes it is visible not always a negative and is again perceptive, so do you, being as you appear to agree with the use of the word scar, have a better descriptiopn?
  15. Why is it racist and why is it inflammatory? Or are you simply using the "if you don't like immigration then you must be a racist" (flawed and failed) argument?

    Are you saying there isn't a problem with immigration and with the failure of a multicultural society?

    What tint are your glasses - blackout?