Labours Criticism of Tory Tax Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Oh I do love it when the Labour and Lefty 'Numpties' are a-crowing about the Conservative 'Tax Plans' when the Public Fiscal mess a la Broone and pals is an 'Uknown'. A total 'Toxic Mess!'

    Of course the Conservatives are being coy around their proposed Tax plans - If they published them, Labour Numpties will steal them and make them their own. Simple innit!!

    As for the alleged 'generosity' of Pa Gasbag Bown and 'Baldrick' Darling are going to tell us Peasants next week - well its nothing but a Pre-Election Bribe Dear Things!! (I had this from the 'Osses mouth - oh yes!)

    Why is it that those on the Left of Politics are so quick to criticise others when their own 'Side of the Street' is covered in the 'Brown stuff? (Oh ye vipers!!!)

    Just wait for the 'Queens Speech' at the State Opening of Parliament. I have it on goodly authority, we are all going to be 'stitched up' well and good by 'More Laws' and of course that hoary old 'Thingie' -- the Labour ID Card System. (Missy Jacqui is seeing to this).

    Of course Pa Broone is being set up as the 'New Saviour of the World' and will be elevated even holier and more worshipful than St Tony ever was.

    The Party Faithful are a-gathering like the Clans of Numpties they are.... to kiss the ass of Pa Brown as he spreads more 'Largesse' from the Crumbs of His Table - Oh Yeeah!!!!

    (Ps: - anybody seen or heard of St Tony - he has dropped off the radar.... Wow!)
  2. The sainted Tony is single-handedly preventing Armageddon in the Middle East,

    while the Father Of The Nation preserves the global financial system.

    Try to keep up :D