Labour - we dont have enough helicopters after all

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'A Government minister has admitted that British troops fighting in Afghanistan do not have enough helicopters.

    Lord Malloch-Brown, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister responsible for Afghanistan, is the first senior minister to admit that there is a shortage after public criticism from leading figures in the Army.'

    so that would mean cyclops and mandlebum were lying... I'm shocked. :(
  2. It also looks like a Labour minister has grown a backbone, which would also be shocking...until you realise that he's firstly a peer, and secondly leaving office which means he has absolutely nothing to lose so he may as well tell the truth to clear his concience.

    Doubtless he will now be accused of disloyalty.
  3. His pension and position are safe... now is the time for a "moral enema"
    or putting a few knives in backs that he may have patted in the past.
  4. It's all been said. Spineless cnuts the lot of 'em.
  5. Well, for whatever reason (not that I necessarily subscribe to the ones popular on here) it seems that members of the government are coming round to the fact. Is this not a good thing and shouldn't we be encouraging more of the same, rather than slagging off the very people who have had this conversion on the road to Helmand?
  6. but how long did it take to reach this conclusion Sven. How many people had to die before your lords and masters suddenly took their fingers out of their ears and understood that perhaps the people bleating had a point?
  7. And nothing to do with an election looming on the horizon and the miscalculation regarding public support for the troops?

    It's not a conversion, they have been forced into it kicking and screaming.

    They are lying, traitorous, corrupt scum as is anyone who tries to defend them.
  8. It's great to see you waking up to the issues presented on this site, but no - having to force someone the Government to cave and do a little bit of the right thing, against their will because the public are watching - is not a good thing when troops lives are at risk.
  9. Looking at the BBC news ticker (no link as yet) it appears that Lord Malloch-Brown has 'clarified' his remarks and says that, without doubt, there are sufficient resources available in Afghanistan...
  10. If only one of them had the guts to have actually served in HMF. :twisted:
  11. Fcuk off Delta, read my posts - especially where I agreed (so many times) that we need more cabs and battalions. As for forcing the government to see sense - better that than not getting them to see sense.
  12. Position and pension NOT SAFE! or has he been offered another push up the greasy pole?
  13. The other thing of course is that as a `GOAT`, Malloch-Brown was a career diplomat and International Affairs Expert who joined up with the Government for a few years due to his experience, rather than as a fully paid up Labourite. Most people will therefore give a lot more weight to his words than that of any career politician.
  14. Agreed, but they certainly shouldn't get any credit for having their hand forced.