Labour up in the polls

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BPS666, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. It has been reported that labour have clawed back 50% of the defecit between them and the tories since broons speech the other day.

    WTF is wrong with the people of this country? Are they so blinkered that they can have their opinion of this government swayed by the sight of an incompetent arrsehole making hollow promises? Or is it possible that the poll was conducted only on the Labour faithful outside the conference?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Not surprising the Conservatives have been extremely quiet over the last couple of weeks as the press have been dealing with the v much hear and now financial disaster. Not much point asking about the Tories position if they can't influence the immediate threat, unlike the ruling Nu Liarbour.

    Edited to add - got the poll results? 50% would mean (from some of the earlier polls I have seen) that the gap would be reduced to just 7% - still pretty big
  3. Its fairly unexceptional that at the end of their conference week with all the coverage they get their poll rating goes up. Tory conference next. Chances are the polls will swing back the other way a bit at the end of their conference.
  4. All Brown did in his speech was to promise things that were to happen 10 years hence, with no indication as to how to fund it. Channel 4 news had a roomful of people from the North East who were traditional Liarbour voters. Not one of them said that the speech had convinced them to vote for Brown.

    There has been considerable 'talking up' of Brown this week, not only by the BBC but also by so called 'responsible' news channels that should, by now, know better. If the great british public is so gullible as to be taken in by a single 'bribery' speech by Brown, then they deserve all they get.

    However, I don't believe that the public is that gullible. There was no mention in the speech of the deep crap that our finances are in, worse, no indication of how much pain he is going to inflict on us to sort it out. When the public realise how much Gordon's profligacy is going to cost, the polls will soon be back to realistic levels.
  5. I think DC is keeping his powder dry for next week, Broon and his Mrs wound up the party faithful and tickled the warm and fuzzy brigade hence the bounce didn't he do well-he still lost Ruthie and watch this space there will be more to come.
    He has his work cut out and will now be like a cornered rat if the back room boys have given him his second written warning, he will revert to default a nasty left wing ranting chap!! And let the class war begin.
  6. In all probabliity liarbore are still doomed come the next election.

    The acid test will come in the result of the upcoming by-election in the Scottish constituancy next to Broon's.If liarbore lose this seat(hope,hope),the despair will set in again.

    With unemployment figures set to go north through the upcoming winter,Brown's lot will be on the defensive over the next months.
  7. Broon remains a blithering twit all jaw jutting and gulping air with an inane smile on his face. His claim to manliness being that he lost his eye playing rugby. Pretty extreme!
  8. I think the poll swing is a blip that will soon disappear - as pimpernel says, Brown is now Ruth-less (no apologies). The Times writes:
    ... also another chance to see the grinning b!θch give her speech (though why anyone would want to ...)
  9. I wouldnt trust this particular poll - firstly its for the Scum newspaper, and secondly could have been taken in the confines of the Liarbour party conference, where there are plenty of Brown loving idiots. (Done after his speech but before his sacking of Kelly).

    The consistent trend of the past year is the Tories ahead by at least 10% if not 20%.

    Wait until the last conference is over and see the polls then to get a realistic figure again.
  10. And please forgive the sceptic in me the new policies wern't exactly votes for the suffering masses, laptops and internet access for kids and free cancer drugs (not exactly sure how this will work with the so called post code lottery) , not exactly joined up thinking unless of course its a subtle clause in his will leaving pressie to his mates and a freebie laptop for his kids- i suppose he could always go diffy and leave one on a train, the rest of the government seem to!
  11. My Bold - and I would like to make it clear that in NO WAY do I brief for New Liarbore BUT - That phrase makes me want to eat my own arm!

    What the hell makes you think that Cameron or God forbid Clegg would be any better? Remember the last time the tories were in Power - what a rip roaring success all round that was.

    We are just swinging from one load of centreists to another! Landslides are not good for this country - as we have seen it takes at least two parliaments to get rid of them! I have wet dreams about Dannatt and a couple of Ex CGS's making the "in the name of God go" speech before getting Liz to Chair an Interim Government whilst the Politicos in this country go out and find a fucking policy between them.

    Am I alone in having no confidence in any of them?
  12. No!


  13. I certainly do remember, every other person where i lived was on Maggies Handouts, I got into debt which has took me the best part of ten years to repay and repair my credit rating on my 15% mortgage, as for trusting any of them....
    NO,NO, thrice NO I say, where is the person who can resist power, the ultimate corruptor.
  14. Ah yes I can remember the much heralded 15% interest rate imposed on Black Wednesday.

    It was 15% for all of 90 minutes that day and the rate was lowered by 5PM that same day, it never worked its way to mortgage or bank rates.

    It has never got to 15% before or after that day.

    If you believe Browns spin of course you would fall for the 15% trick!
  15. That's Labour's biggest single problem. There's been so much lying and spin out of them for the past 11 years that nobody believes them, even when they're telling the truth. Gordon promised an end to spin when he became PM. His promise didn't last long, did it?

    I agree that landslides are a very bad thing. 'Democracy' came to Britain when absolute power was taken from one man, the monarch, and given to another, the Prime Minister. With a weak opposition, and a House of Lords neutered by the Parliament Act, there is absolutely nothing to prevent a Prime Minister behaving like a demented Roman emperor. We don't have democracy in this country, we have a series of temporary dictatorships.

    The current government is a train wreck - a bunch of unionistas and local councillors who are well out of their depth and led by an increasingly deluded, naive, left wing, intellectual who's having to change his underpants so often that he can't do his job.

    Love 'em or loathe 'em, the Tories, in general, come to Parliament with some experience of life and business outside the 'Westminster village'. recently revealed the 'scandal' that many of the shadow cabinet are self made millionaires. Is that a bad thing? Would we prefer the likes of John Prescott who, by his own admission, can't read very well?

    All parties get a 'bounce' in the polls after their conference. There's heavy coverage of them in the media and a North Korean style leader's speech live on TV. Afterwards, the polls normalise. Labour will take a real hit in the polls in April when the budget is announced. Large tax increases are on the cards to fund public sector pay rises and an increasing bill for unemployment benefits.