Labour treats Britain with criminal contempt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. No-would this government lie?

  2. Yes-enough jiggery pokery!

  1. Labour treats Britain with criminal contempt
    Daily Telegraph
  2. There you go, 100% 'Yes' because I was the first to vote. Couple of thousand ( :roll: ) votes on and will the percentage change?

    We don't get straight figures and what we do get, of necessity, can only deal with reported crime. As my crystal ball works no better than anyone else’s, my opinion is that fewer people, possibly/probably far fewer, are reporting crime because in so many instances people believe there's no to little point, unless you want a Police report number for insurance.

    Whenever I saw Commons questions on Police, Phoney Blair trotted out the pathetic line of having "more Police now than for the past 30 years". He never gave a direct answer to any question and moreover NEVER explained where these Police were and what they were doing. Wherever they are and whatever they're doing does not include my manor which the under-resourced and ham-strung local uniforms only too readily acknowledge.

    If it's all there to protect, guide and reflect the will of 'society', and we are 'society', - because if 'we the people' are not then please tell me who the fcuk is? - then it's become utter bollox. Too much of life has been replaced with silly games controlled by a comparative few - who personally do very well out of it of course. :wink:

  4. Blair's legacy is a country that has poured billions into a black hole, given up on crime, given up on self respect, and given up on its citizens. The only thing it hasnt given up on is perks and pension schemes for everyone that props it up.

    New Labour - New Media - Same old lies
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmm, at its peak in 1995. Well back then I used to feel safe on the streets and could go for a pint down town with no fear of being attacked by drunken yobs.

    Of course now crime is so low that there are effective no go areas where I grew up and i wouldn't dream of going into the town centre on a Friday night.

    Statistics can say what they like but crime is rife and violent crime endemic.
  6. Speaking personally, I had never had any real contact with crime until a couple of years ago, when my shed was broken into. In the past 18 months I've been held up at knifepoint twice, and needed my car windscreen replacing after having a stone thrown through it whilst on the move. My only contact with a real-life Police officer in that time was when I was pulled over for driving with my foglights on, in fog with sub-50 metre visibility, at the time when all the airports were closed by poor vis. Ms. CC was attacked yesterday by a couple of drunken teenagers after her mobile and left very shaken up, and once again there was no response.

    Being held up at knifepoint, and having a stone through my car window got NO Police response, and I had to fight for even a crime reference number, however driving with my foglights on in the fog got me a fixed penalty notice. Something just isn't right any more.
  7. I think, after ten years of New Liebour, the truth is that with crime, as with many other things such as immigration and the EU, they make with the rhetoric and the fine words and cook the statistics, but in reality, they haven't got a f*cking clue what to do. For instance " Here son, you can't beat people up any more, 'cos you've signed an ABC." You couldn't make it up, could you?
    So, at the next election, I am going to do something that I never thought I would ever do, I am going to ( take a deep breath lad ) vote conservative.
    I have not got any time for Cameron, but perhaps Davis could be a safe pair of hands.
    Lets face it, the only way my beloved country is going under Gordon the Moron is down.
  8. From the original link

    Newsnight started their thing on crime last night with a big graph of the BCS figures showing a line going downwards. Good old BBC.
  9. The country has indeed gone down the pan. I'm so glad, like the rest of the population, that i voted for the new Prime Minister. Labour have lost the path.
  10. Lets get back to the good old days then.East end gangs control my manor and I can leave my door unlocked all day.The Krays good lads them,looked after my nan,yes good geezers. Tories they knew how to keep crime down,course they did. Ronnie and Reggie voted for em
  11. The scum that make up the labour party set out to do 2 things when they got in power, destroy Great Britain and fill their own pockets with money...they have done both with 100% success.
  12. The real statistics are there if you look hard enough. A few of them:-

    Overall detection rate : 26% (i.e. 74% of crimes go unsolved)

    Detection rate for burglary : 6%

    Gun crime : Up 21% since 2001

    How many crims. reoffend after release from jail : 60%
  13. Stats,depends on which newspaper you follow,or channel you watch.
  14. Labour are just a bunch of thieving hypocrtites. Tony Blair, Prescott and others should be in a Criminal Court for theft and giving misleading information to the United Kingdom
  15. Just like Lord Archer,that torie with an orange up his dead orifice in suspenders, and the old etonian grass sniffer. And the vulcan wants to end your holiday pay and take away most of your workers rights,bring it on.Oh and we oppose all the money the government is giving to the nhs,but want to increase our hospital capacity and workrate,and EUROPE is BADDDD.