Labour to propose £1m fund for Iraq and Afghan war veterans' mental health

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tobers, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Labour to propose £1m fund for Iraq and Afghan war veterans' mental health | UK news | The Guardian

    So you involve Britain in two wars under false pretenses while sacking thousands of members of the Armed Forces, paying them peanuts, giving them homes they wouldn't house asylum seekers in and bankrupting the country to the point that the incoming Government has to slash the defence budget and then try to appear "pro-forces" by suggesting a one million dollar PTSD fund?

    Is this a joke? Perhaps service charities would have more to spend if the Government accepted more responsibility to people who get killed or maimed in its wars.
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  2. They'll find the staff easy enough, the govt made loads redundant.
  3. £1million doesn't sound like it's stretch very far. However, IF, this was put in place it would only be a good thing.
  4. So Labour got us involved in these wars and want us the taxpayer to pay for their generosity of this fund for mental health? Labour should foot the bill themselves.....but they can't because they are virtually bankrupt.

    Labour will never change, they will always be snivelling backstabbing slime.
  5. A hollow token gesture by a bunch of lying, thieving, cynical and thoroughly amoral barstewards.
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  6. A single million - is that all ? Won't even start to match what is being raised already for charities working in this area. And why do we have charities ? When Labour were in power they failed miserably to tackle the job.

    Honestly, all I could think of was that bit from Austin Powers where Dr Evil has been frozen for decades and is issuing demands to the US. "I want ... one MILLION dollars" "Oh, OK then, is that all ?"
  7. Not sure who's vote they are trying to buy. Everyone with a low enough IQ to fall for that cheap gimmic already votes Labour!
  8. £1,000,000 to treat an estimated 7,600 works out at less than £132 per person. What 'treatment' would that buy?
  9. Be fair it might pay for two psychiatrists and a CPN for a few years.
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  10. The average shrink charges £60-80 per hour.

    This is what grips my shit, Professional people making a nice living off the backs of veterans.

    Combat stress inc are PTSD masters and what they do not know about this condition simply does not exist, so you could well argue that nothing will be gained out of this £1 million spend other than to fund the lifestyle of a few of MOD's favourite shrinks.

    There are no cures known to man regarding PTSD, however, there are many skills that one can learn in knowing how to cope and manage with it on a daily basis.
  11. A psychiatrist isn't going to work for free, would you?
  12. Of course he should, how dare he study, get a degree, get a job and expect hero veterans to do something as vulgar as pay him?
  13. A GP colleague paid her student loans off at 38yrs old. I can see the attraction of voluntary work I might do some when I've retired.
  14. And by the time the government of the day, doesn't matter which flavour, has mismanaged the money and employed various consultants. I reckon there will be about £3.52, a furry boiled sweet, and a broken pencil left.
  15. They'd need some sort of QUANGO to manage £1m but it'll cost a further £10m.