Labour to offer 2 year mortgage payment hols - buying votes?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Still won't get my vote - I pay through the nose by renting! Ensuring my landlord never passes on the savings to me.
  2. My what a happy little communist country we live in, not only do I pay to keep those too Idle to work in beer,fags and playstations, I will now pay the mortgage of those too stupid ,greedy, careless and shortsighted to look after their own finances.
  3. So now not only is the tax payer paying for his own house. He is paying for the dole scum to have a roof over their head and now everyone else too. Not to mention bailing the banks out of debt. The same bank who has fcuked him with a big rubber one over his mortgage rate. If he is lucky he will keep his job because if not he's gonna have to slip through the net too.

    And so the big circle of sh1te continues for some other poor git.

    Labour - P1ssing your money up the wall because they can.
  4. Is there any evidence to suggest communism can work?
  5. Jesus Christ - Read the bloody story. This kneejerk 'dole scum' crap is getting tired and old

    Read the proposal.
  6. Get out of the closet and wake up!

    All this says is if you lose your job banks are agreeing to defer the interest on house payments seems like a darn good idea to me.
  7. "The theory, therefore, is that the move will not reduce the funds available for other borrowers. "

    My ring. The money has to come from somewhere!!!
  8. Who just gave the banks alot of money? :roll:
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Presumably thje missed interest payments will be added to the capital so that thepeople who can't pay get ever deeper in debt .. or will the gap be made up by increasing mortgage rates so that the wise virgins pay for the foolish ones? I'm sure there's a good racket here if this comes in but I haven't spotted it yet - every piece of Govt meddling, ill-thought out as it always is, opens the door to a racket for someone. Are there enough unfortunate/feckless/improvident/criminal people about to keep ZanuLiabour in power, as well as all the people in non-productive work in Govt etc - gay and lesbian outreach coordinators etc - who have to vote for ZL to keep their jobs? The number of passengers travelling free on the train of State, who dare not get off, has never been higher.
  10. They will almost certainy just defer payments: the interest clock will still run and run and simply accrue further debt
  11. I'm glad you said it, no one listens to me if I tell people to do more than scan article or proposal X, Y, or Z in order to find key words that get their blood up.

    This isn't a 'buy' of votes - none of these evil evil people who though they were safe in their jobs and decided to get a house only to have it all go south will get a penny.
  12. No but they could have bought insurance. The people who did buy insurance are now having pay in taxes for this as well.
    The banks have agreed to this because the treasury is underwriting it. So no risk for them I'm not surprised they are agreeing to it.
    According to the BBC it might be up to the value of a 400k mortgage (hardly dole scum) however how about these people sell up and move somewhere cheaper?
  13. Not if the gobment also ensure that ALL existing mortgages have the BOE latest LOW interest rates applied.

    A 2% interest rate would actually reduce the mortgage by over £500+ per year.
  14. The whole communism thing also seems to be rubbing off on the forum. I mean, where did that thread on ID Cards just dissapear to..?

    They've (Labour) have infiltrated the Mods...