Labour to lose another seat?

Not only Labour losing another seat, but a neighbouring seat to that of Cyclops.
Very true! Shame it'll be the SNP who'll win if liarbour don't, but beggars can't be choosers!


Morag Balfour, a practising Quaker, has lived in Glenrothes all her life, aside from a three-year stint as a community worker in the American city of Camden, New Jersey.

Like many fellow socialists, she has actively opposed nuclear weapons in Scotland and campaigns for free school meals.

Ms Balfour currently volunteers in a befriending scheme which aims to support young people recently released from Polmont Young Offenders Institute and cut reoffending rates.

I thought people like this only existed in cartoons.....
last report I heard is its all to play for although some grass roots types have been predicting SNP win by 1500 ... didnt say which parties grass roots types although some morose labour central office types have been spotted whynging into their skinny lattes.
inclement weather is against labour as their support cant actually be arrsed getting off the couch on a non signing on day when its cold/wet.
Of very little consequence if the SNP take the seat. It won't make GB and his bunch of incompetents budge an inch and they will still be hanging on to the last possible moment in 2010. What price we will still have a country worth saving by then? Politicians? I've sh*t 'em.

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