Labour to admit they 'Got it wrong on immigration'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. 'Got it wrong'? Actually, they got it bang on, as New Labour deliberately set out to 'rub the Tories' noses in diversity' - a mission which they achieved perfectly. So what's this all about then? Vote for me and I'll boot all the Poles out? The EU won't countermand that little chestnut will they? Millipede is another meaningless, posturing little cnut who's never had shit under his fingernails and could do with an interview with someone shouty - and most definitely without Nescafe.
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  2. Yes, they all go on about the 20% from the EU, but ignore the 80% from the Third World!
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  3. Isn't it a bit early for building up to manifesto's? Unless there is a lot more disquiet in the lib dems than the media are reporting
  4. Without sounding like a white extremist, immigration has been wrong for years and there are too many foriegners in this country, taking employment away from the natural born UK population. And what by admitting they were wrong is a bit late now hey... So what would they do about it once back in power? That be nothing then, we can't even get foriegn criminals out of the country and once in the front door these people still manage to stay here... What makes it worse is I am paying for these c**ts to live in my coucil houses and feed them and all that stuff for them not to intigrate into our society, oh yeh and defend there human rights while mine as a normal white male gets accussed of being racist and chinned off by the authorities if I need help from the welfare state (not that I do). And to top it off I am under threat of redundacy and loss of my hard earned pension to help pay for them....(And the other welfare scrounging mongs)...

    So have lost interest in what politicians say, especially as they are not making any sacrifices to the cause........
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  5. TBF - WTF are you on about? Your Council Houses? Loss of pension? Threat of redundancy? Natural born population? All that stuff? I call wah!

    just in case it's not - If the lazy fat bastards who call themselves British actually got off their lazy fat arses and got a job there might not need to be such a large influx of people who are willing to do shitty jobs.
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  6. Labour - my bad, sorry we****ed the ciuntry up, but no hard feelings eh?

    Just Miilipede trying to airbrush history.
  7. Its alright, I bought my house...;P
  8. Ah, another apologist who subscribes to other apologists stereotypical view of themselves. A majority of Brits are hardworking, but due to rising costs businesses will employ as cheap as they can get, and people who come from third world countries where a pound can get them a three course meal and a hooker (ok I exaggerate a little) will be happy with the extremely low pay and long hours they get. Obviously there are true Brit fuckwits dole dossers in the UK, but they are the minority.

    An example, I have a mate who runs a business in the plumbing trade....or did, because he can't compete with immigrants who come in and don't register themselves or their business, so pay **** all taxes, meaning they get 100% profit. So he has had to give up his business and work over in Afghanistan.

    So Labour have admitted (or will) they****ed up the country......what are they going to do about it? Blame the current government for not sorting out their mess?
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  9. "The Labour leader is expected to say there is "nothing wrong with anyone employing Polish builders, Swedish childminders or French chefs"

    Anyone for stereotype tennis?

    "German Engineers!"
  10. That seems to be the fashion with the Labour Party, it will go down well with the great unwashed.
  11. Manifestos were briefly mentioned in last nights QT, however as it was stated waiting until nearer the election period isn't good enough.

    On a more pragmatic note, Manifestos are worthless toilet paper as I wouldn't believe any of them anyway irrespective of what tripe they put in their Manifesto.
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  12. Cabana - not an apologist by a long shot. I would just like to think that we could produce better examples of dialogue than "I pay for their food" or "my council houses".
  13. Well every country has had and always will have fat lazy bastards, it is part of humanity. Admittedly the government does not help with all the benefits it gives, but we are an ambitious people and such people (fat *****) are in a minority. I just get fed up of people going on about immigrants doing the jobs that we don't want to, which is a load of shit. Immigrants will just do the job a lot cheaper (and generally worse) then Brits because they do not have the costs the local population does. The will earn their money and **** off back to their country (or get themselves on the dole).
  14. "Passing band wagon for Mr. Milliband". (He's a politician FFS. He will say anything he thinks proles want to hear).
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