Labour- The Good the Bad and the Ugly or Truth Lies and Vids


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Yesterday I heard some doppy tart from the SNP droning on about the 'dark days of Thaterism'. I can't say I remember her time as 'dark' especially as the times before had literally been dark due to power cuts and strikes and so on. The latter days of Major seemed farcical at the time but compared to now must rank as a time of probity and rectitude.

Or am I viewing the past with rose coloured specs and the present with a huge degree of sceptism that it does not deserve.

It seems to me that the Labour government has been rotten from the start or in fact from before they got in but there must also be good side to them that I'm missing so I'd like people to list the good and the bad things that the Labour party has done.


The Hinduja affair.

The Mandleson affairs.

Cool Britania.

The Dome.

Stolen pensions.

Lies and deception surrounding TELIC resulting in us not being fully prepared for the the Operation.

Destruction of the HoL.

Selling out of our constitution to Europe.

Attempting to sell out Gibraltar.

Fox Hunting - (some may consider this a plus)

Short term defence policy - the destruction of the regimental system, the destruction of a credible navy and air force. The imminent damage to be done to the reserves.

Waste in the NHS - targets over clinical requirements.

Hoon - the man is a disgrace.

Smith - nuff said

The destruction of the economy.

Ballot rigging.

OK some good...

Kosovo -

I can't really think of anything else.

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