Labour taking the piss in Rotherham??

Timing seems to be against "one-nation" labour in Rotherham, on top of the fostering faux pas I hear that the local party are still conducting internal warfare over their local candidate (male) being forced out by a parachuted-in woman selected from a female only shortlist.
Now I know that lots of these northern voters will vote for anything wearing a red rosette, but surely they must trying peoples patience by now?
Labour's problems in Rotherham - both with the by-election and with the foster parent scandal - just go to show how the party has gone right up its own arse. Firstly there was Denis MacShame thinking he could fiddle the books, then there's the farce around an election that should be a done deal, and then some Nazi in the Council decides to take a leaf out of the Argentinean junta's playbook by taking foster children away from parents who belong to the wrong political party (being no doubt unhappy about the fact that she couldn't 'disappear' the adults the way that Videla and Galtieri could).

I'd be happy to see Labour get a kicking, but the risk is that it will be RESPECT that picks up the seat in its place.

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