Labour taking its voters for granted?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Leaving the Comrade Thacker issue to one side for one moment..I hear that the Labour party in Rotherham is at war with itself over the imposition of a wimmin only shortlist, preventing the local, preferred, and male candidate from being selected by mob acclaimation. Most of the 130 party members present stormed out leaving Sarah Champion to be selected by 13 members against 11 for the other candidate (an ex-crab officer).
    I think there is something rotten in the lovely little one-party state of Rotherham, the fact that the new prospective parliamentary candidate has no record of Labour campaigning in the past and only joined a Union 3 weeks ago should be a nice indicator of what the NEC thinks of the quality of the local party membership.
  2. I vote Labour because my father did and his father before him. If it's the right party for them it is for me.

    That's about right I think...well actually it saves me from having to think.
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  3. Are you voting for or trying for leader of the opposition?

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  4. This voting thing is too dificult. I let one of the nice people who come to the door go and do what they think is best on my behalf..
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  5. I'm not allowed to answer the door any more. After the last visit by the JW's they fucking hate me here.

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  6. They kicked off when I answered the door in the summer topless with a tattoo of a certain religious icon emblazoned across my chest. No where near as miffed as when I turned to lead them in producing a 3 digit number on my back. Thought they were having a seizure.

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  7. Nicked from elsewhere

    1. A Labour MP who has resigned after stealing from the public purse;
    2. A Labour controlled council that is alleged to have ignored street grooming of underaged girls due to concerns over inciting racism;
    3. A Social Services department of the Labour controlled council which withdraws children from foster-care due to the voting patterns of the foster parents and a need for multiculturalism;
    4. A national Labour Party that parachutes non-local candidates into the constituency selection process forcing over half of the local Labour members to leave the selection meeting in protest;
    5. A Labour candidate selected who is a former manager of "The Bluebell Woods" Children's Hospice.

    and they will still vote for a Labour MP.
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  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Meh I joined UKIP today on fekking principle, if labour think its bad then I'm doing it.
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  9. I have been doing a bit of digging..and it is getting better and better..the dumped bloke is a local muslim councillor with an MBE, Labour is now being accused of "pandering" to white opinion vis a vis the Pakistani grooming gang scandals by not risking a Muslim candidate. If this wasn't funny enough, Respect has also decided to field a candidate, a white female muslim convert who converted after being kidnapped in Afghan some years ago. She has sent the following following message to the fraternal comrades of rotherham.."On thursday 29th november every voter and most importantly every asian and muslim family in rotherham will have the opportunity to send a message to the sickening racism, islamophobia, and corruption of the Labour party here in this town". Fucking brilliant stuff...does milliband really want this seat or what, and I wonder what the comrades in the town hall make of being told they are on the dark side after all.
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  10. Labour will still cruise it. It's genetically hard wired into the people of Rotheram. Check out the poorest boroughs in the Country, they're all Labour and have been for generations. At what point do they think "you know what, we've voted Labour since God was a boy and we still live in a shithole, perhaps it time for a rethink"
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  11. I agree it is unlikely, but I find myself wondering how Labour can behave like this and still shudder with disgust when the BNP do it. I think Cllr Mahroof Hussein MBE should consult a good lefty brief myself.
  12. Never ever underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

    In Rotherham they will still vote labour. Therein lies the problem, thick stupid people.

    I do believe Sir Winston Churchill had it right;

    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

    Then again we are supposedly to look upon our "leaders" as people who are supposed to be looking out for us and making our lives better and do they do that? Do they fcuk, they only look out for themselves and themselves alone.

    I do belive the so called political elite still think everyone is thick apart from them.

    I would urge every one to use the Freedom of Information Act to ask awkward questions of your local council, i do and my local paper have picked up on them three times and printed the results. Be a thorne in their sides like they are to yours.
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  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I do like this comment from the Rotherham Labour candidate,

    'Labour's candidate Sarah Champion said Mr MacShane's actions were "shameful" and she wanted to be the one to "bring respect back into Rotherham" (©BBC Website)'.

    I should imagine the Respect candidate agrees wholeheartedly with her.
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  14. Lucky for you the average Labour goverment has the collective IQ of a decaying turnip. If by some freak mischance you got a Labour Government which was actually sane, rational and intelligent (long odds there, I know) then you'd be well up the shit. It has been experimentally tested that a Labour safe seat's voters will vote for something which looks like the misbegotten offspring of a morbidly obese whale crossed with a liver fluke, and subsequently treated to a lobotomy.

    Labour voters in a safe seat will vote for absolutely ANYTHING provided it has a red rosette.

    Given that this is the case, it is pointless bribing them. It simply isn't necessary, they act as they do through genetic imperative (mostly, it must be said, as they lack any capacity for thought at all). Tory safe seats need a small level of bribery as Tory voters are fickle, afflicted with a certain low cunning and apt to defect to UKIP in extremis; Labour safe seats are eternally safe.
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