Labour support slips to 19 year low

Ok Labour WILL suffer but who will gain?

Very worried.
As has already been mentioned on this site, it seems a remarkable coincidence that just before an election a senior Labour figure starts crying "Wolf" about those nasty BNP oiks who might just get a seat on the council if we don't all vote New Labour.
My hope is that "Just call me Dave" Cameron's mob stop arsing about on ice floes and come back in time to give TCB's minions a damn good kicking. But I won't be holding my breath.
Sky news

There may well be problems on the horizon for BLair.
About time.
I think we should vote anyone other than TCBs mob, just to show how much we hate what they have done to TOGI

Did you know the current Cabinet is all jocks and taffs - who all hate ENGLAND! no wonder its crap now.

You have got to vote conservative really, its the only way ahead, though it is still the best of a bad bunch. Is it to late to get the APP (Arrse Political Party) up and running?
I have just returned from my yearly UK visit. My older brother tho a successful businesman, owns an small engineering company, he is by nature Socialist and has for as long as I have known him always been one for the rights of the working man.
Now retired he still pops into work to talk to the troops.
Our first real conversation he suddenly came out with words to the effect of
"There going to be trouble you kown, my lads can't stand this Gov, and it's Immigration thats doing it. Try explaining to a young just married lad (with kid on way) why an immigrant from the new Euro states goes to the top of the Counci housing list and gets to choose his own place"
It's an old tale/joke that if you put a pig up for election on a Labour tickt it would walk it where I cum from.
Now I do wonder.
And I do not want to see the Brit Nazi Party take votes.
Maybe a few votes going over to the BNP might actually do some good. Not to get them in power, but to shake up the rest of the policy makers. The BNP do actually have some good ideas, that is the reason why they are starting to pull in the votes.
The whole country is going to the dogs with the way that it is headed.
I think that, as always in local elections, there is bound to be a significant protest vote. The ones who will gain will be the ones who stand the best chance of beating Labour in that particular area.

The trouble is, at general elections people often revert to their long-held loyalties. Mr Cameron will have to come out with something more substantial than being 'green' if he is to woo the voters. Perhaps appearing to be Conservative might help?
Lucky_Jim said:
The trouble is, at general elections people often revert to their long-held loyalties.
Absolutely right. The danger of Labour winning again is that Broon the Scottish Thief could become PM, and I think he would be substantially worse even than Bliar in many ways.

However, I suspect that after 3 terms of office, the massive rise in taxation, the largely unpopular Iraq fiasco, cash for peerages, other sleaze involving Ministers, the NHS mess, the education c0ck-ups and all the other broken promises may well be enough to make people want a change.
Well labour have been back in power for 9 years and made a complete hash of it. I’m not aware of anything they’ve put their hands on that hasn’t turned into a fiasco whether it be railtrack to Iraq.

I have little doubt with the growing number of cock ups and downright dodginess coming to light they’ll get the boot next time round. Problem is they could drag it out to 2010.
Much as I detest Labour, for the fact they will always go back to their old dogmatic ways, I have to say that there is no credible opposition in UK.
Bruin frightens me more then TC Blair.

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