Labour STILL at it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorlight, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. After seeing the front page of the mail on sunday stating that labour have drawn up plans and carried out surveys' of homes around the uk they plan to introduce a stealth tax based on you home. check out the link - you wont believe what they are planning to tax you on.

    Are they trying to lose the next general election, just what are they thinking - that the british public will tolerate continuous bungling behaviour.
  2. Blimey the Mail doing a story on something that affects home-owners.

    Whatever happened to that amazing file you were going to show us all last night?
  3. If you can think it, they will tax it!
  4. C'mon, post the link. you've managed tonight. I need to know if I'm ashamed to be British.
  5. Yeah, I’m still waiting for the file as well. At least give us a clue about it :?
  6. What paper was that again. One that you can trust or one that has consitently lied to its readership?
  7. Evening no 10's mouthpiece
  8. Never mind the paper, what was yesterdays link? I won't be able to sleep again tonight if you don't sort it out.
  9. Sorry Stacker gave up on that one!
  10. Oi, you! Cunt. Go slit your throat and do the world a favor.
  11. What about me?
    My bated breath is going rather stale now. Why is Stacker so special. Are you his bastard lovechild. Will you ever enlighten us?

    Feckin hate barstard lovechilds.
    Feckin favoritism.
  12. Sentiments understood, try better language or it just gives Whet something else to bleat about
  13. Because I disgree with your view? Really!!
  14. Evidence of lies, not just the terminological inexactitudes that Downing Street uses
  15. And me. You had lot of us on standby there. All of sudden it’s Stacker this and Stacker than and can you pass the salt Stacker.