Labour Spin Doctors & Blatant Lies (Bus Passes)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. The Labour Party and Gubb'munt is at bay. Mr Brown is a 'Hollow Tube'. We read and hear about the smear tactics from Labour's Spin Meisters (No Name No Pack Drill, but we all know who they are) are spinning out thosuands of leaflets around the country that a Tory administration would revoke all Buss Passes for the over 60s. The is a blatant lie being peddled by Labour.

    Of course Mr Brown publicly stated that he.."Had not authorised this... !" Hmmm, I would like to beleive him, but the "Buck Stops with Brown!"

    Where I live, there have been hundreds of worried Pensioners phoning the local Bus Station, discussing this in Public etc, because they are sure that this is ..."All True what Labour are putting about...!"

    Mr Cameron has publicly denied that will be Tory Policy if they form the next government.

    Labour must be desparate to lower themselves to this sort of petty minded drivel. Labour's Chief Spin Meister, Mr (The Man with Flat Cap and Glasses), and 'He of the Dodgy Dossier' -- ' No Names, no Pack Drill, but we all know who they are, must be desparate. Telling blatant lies, and spining Tall Tales, seems to be rampant within our useless, spineless Labour Gubb'munt.

    This will all probably backfire on them.... "What goes about, comes about...!" :pissedoff:
  2. He's a complete Fwit, he said today they would save one billion pounds on Child Bennefit by putting it on the Internet, but last year the Child bennefit bill was only £75 million

  3. I think that there's some confusion there.

    According to the Conservative 'Star Chamber'

    Quote : A prime example of the money go round is universal Child Benefit which provides £20.00 a week for the eldest child in every family and £13.20 a week for all other children. Many countries have already removed or reformed their child benefits - most recently Ireland in the midst of their serious fiscal crisis. This has been motivated by the substantial cost of these benefits, with Child Benefit in the UK now accounting for around £11 billion a year.
  4. uncle_vanya.

    Of course Mr Brown publicly stated that he.."Had not authorised this... !" Hmmm, I would like to beleive him, but the "Buck Stops with Brown!"

    Which of course is not the same as 'Had no knowledge of' and was repeated by him on a number of occasions now. In other words..he knew about it and did nothing to stop it. The man is a walking pudenda.
  5. dont blame me I got it off the BBC
  6. How could I blame you, oh wise and mighty one. :D I'm probably up shit creek with it as well.
  7. Its been re-worded by BBC into a saving of £75million when he claimed it would be 1 billion
  8. Can't find it at all now on Beeb site.

    Saw it on Ch4 news, though. Brown was claiming to find £1000mil efficiency savings in the administration costs by moving CB to the web. But the total admin costs are about £75mil, and as even a web-based scheme isn't free the savings, if actually realized - anyone know an IT project work securely and to cost? - would be less.

    It was probably just momentary confusion.
  9. This then is the man who is going to take us out of recession. The twat can't even do simple arithmetic. Mind you, he's only 925 mil out, so that's about par for the course for the bloody chimp.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Could someone please advise me when these tossers get to the money shot? Because this twaddle is so limp I am afraid I may miss it. Thanks.

    For the tossers among you, here *Clicky* Share your crayons nicely.
  11. Gordon Brown has a whole box of nasty gifts that he wants to unleash on us if he wins the election ............ So don't let him.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    We know what Gordon has got cos we've seen it. Whats Lord Snooty and his chums got in store for us? Because it sure as shite aint a BMW on every drive and a wake-up call for your wifes tits. Whatever the posters promise.

    Better the Devil you know than some lying shallow twunt with chipmunk cheeks. The man looks like an Easter Island statue and his wife dribbles.
  13. Labour admitted it's making such alleagations "in order to flush out the real Tory thinking".

    Apart from this being generally shabby, I've concluded these are actually Labour's ideas on what to do next (aftercall they're the ones coming up with them).
  14. Shabby Labour spin & of course GB denying all knowledge! what do expect him to do on a live broadcast!

    One last broadcast & one of them has to pull out all the stops to convince the floaters, will it happen?
  15. Why is it that when Brown says something you insinuate that he must be lieing but when Cameron says something you make no comment on the truth of the statement.

    Spin takes many forms it seems.