Labour smearing Joanna Lumley

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by in_the_cheapseats, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No surprise here.

    Labour get a kicking and are made to grovel by JLs work. They obviously think it is time for them to get their own back with a series of smears. Labour SOPs shine through......

    Look at the small video link.

    Quite outrageous.
  2. Watched the news conference earlier live.
    The lawyers didn't exactly shine unfortunatley
  3. Ms Lumley is highly regarded by the great mass of the UK population as are the Gurkha soldiers: The Labour Party are not.
    These badly chosen words of Kevan Jones may well come back to haunt Brown and his despicable pack.
    It is usually small items like this that the electorate will take to heart and remember rather than the huge debts that are owed by the UK
  4. This has already been done - with JD making salient and illuminating points.

    Kevan Jones
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Thanks - missed this although I take issue at your spin about who says what in the thread. Personally I rather think bobthedob and A brighter2006 have a better write up on the matter. JDs points are pertinent but I do find it strange that a Govn minister feels it appropriate to take JL to tasks over something his department should be dealing with.

    But hey - Whet - couldn't really expect anything less from you..... :D
  6. Can I smear Joanna Lumley?
  7. I find this bit of the BBC article interesting:

    The actress responded in an open letter signed by herself, Peter Carroll from the Gurkha Justice Campaign and Howe & Co Solicitors.
    The letter said: "Last year Gordon Brown took personal charge of the Gurkha issue.
    He asked us to deal with No 10 and his senior civil servants, out of the glare of publicity, so as to iron out any 'bumps in the road'. We respected his request and kept our promise. (My bold)

    Is this the fabled Brown "Kiss of Death"?
  8. Labour (and the Daily Mirror) always smears anyone it doesn't like. It's in their DNA.
  9. The depressing thing is this prat Jones can not even apologise properly, he said he apologised for any hurt caused, he never admitted what he said was untrue. I bet he had his fingers crossed behind his back too.

    The real thing is when will these numpties learn that the rest of the world can see through their spin and malicious breifing exercises
  10. In Nutella?
  11. I had something else in mind :D
  12. So did Kevan Jones!
  13. I posted this on the other thread but still feel it pertinent.

    If we refer to Jack Daniels' description of life for Gurkhas in Aldershot as the definitive version then Kevan Jones was probably factually correct. He reported that many Gurkhas were asking where JL is now, JD has told us the same thing. Kevan Jones' sin appears to be that he neglected to add the caveat 'erroneously' as in; many of the Gurkhas are erroneously asking where she is.
    Kevan Jones appears to be exposing an on-going scandal which I assume neither Miss Lumley or Howe and Co are aware of (although how the latter aren't beats me). Perhaps we should be applauding Jones for bringing what is a scandal to the public eye? For a Party so obsessed with spin Labour appear to be remarkably poor at just getting the straight forward message of this case across.
    As for Miss Lumley, she is a 63 year old working woman. She volunteered her time and spent her own money (I believe) travelling to Nepal to support the campaign to allow Gurkhas to settle in this country. Her campaign was successful and has ended as has her part to play in bringing about a change in Government legislation. She has no more duty to carry on giving of herself freely than anyone else who signed the petition or supported the Gurkhas, she allowed her public profile to add weight to a campaign, that is all.
    If the Government feel that she might have a further part to play in this matter then they should announce her as 'The Gurkha Tsar' (or some such fanciful Labour tag) and pay her for her time.
  14. Join the queue...


  15. Mr K Jones was clearly so up to date on the subject that he was wholly unaware that JL and her mates were on the case but had been working in a low profile manner with the cabinet office, as requested by his boss Gordon.

    If he did it to smear her, or if he didn't really know what was going on in an area he chose to speak publicly on either way he is a slimeball, and Gordon should sack him, but of course NuLabor don't do the responsibility thing do they.

    The fact that bot he and Gordon have hasd to apologise and the fact he is still in post really shows just how despicable the present government has become.