Labour slip below 30% in Telegraph poll

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_n_fat, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Let us hope so. The final demise of Labour would be a wonderful thing indeed.

    Is the time ripe for an electoral pact between the Liberals and the Tories - each standing down their candidates where the other has a better chance of beating sitting Labour MPs?
  2. Doubtful. Whilst there have been unofficial pacts between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the local level in places like Birmingham and Leeds to govern together and force Labour into opposition I'm not sure how they'd react to it on the national level. The parties have a number of policy differences, a referendum on the EU Constitution/Treaty being the first I can think of.
  3. The last thing we need is more liberals in power. I for one don't fancy having the likes of ashie as my MP.

    Labour may have fallen quite a way, but it's still got a bit to go before the Liberals overtake it on a national level.
  4. Cyclops is yet to be given the Ides of March routine and knifed in the Cabinet, leaving to spend more time with kids or because of a medical problem (Look at the lead given by Jade and watch her sympathy ratings) then enter young blade with the "we know you pain" crap! Labour soars, how quick we are to forget!

    As to partnerships with the Lib Dims get a life.
  5. With a government of such a poor reputation surely they should be under 3% of the poll. Seriously though I hope and believe that the Labour party will become the 3rd party after the next election.
  6. I wonder who/what make up Labour supporters these days...

    Am I too cynical and perhaps small minded in thinking that its bought support through weekly benefits and PR stunts? Wasn't it was reported the other week that 70% of income in some areas was government hand outs and I recall some Labour bods going up and down UK mosques appearing to care about the UK Muslim population's 'brothers' in sandy sh!tty places currently occupied.

    Maybe I am seeing things that simply aren't there through spectacles that are far from rose tinted but I wouldn't put it past this government to manipulate 'chunks' of the population to vote in their favour.

    I also acknowledge that this post may be a bit low brow for Current Affairs so if a MOD sees it and feels that its likely to cause a fountain of drivel then feel free to edit as needed :)
  7. I support Labour at the moment because the government seems to have come to it's senses, junked the Tory-lite policies of Blair (well, dumped Blair as well). It realises that they allowed The Sons of Thatcher to ruin this country and have set about doing something about it.

    The other reason I support Labour is the Tory Party. A bunch of lightweight dilettantes.
  8. Worringly,I was listening today to some guys,and they were of the opinion that we should keep Libour in power,so they can get us out of the shite that we are in.It's not the first time I've heard those setiments.
  9. Been down the Conservative Club again? :D
  10. Oh good!

    Below 3% shortly with any luck

    PS: President Sarkozy is quite correct; GB is cattle-trucked!
  11. Ryhming slang or are you insinuating that he is to be introduced to that can of Xyclon B knocking around Porton Down? :p

    I believe our coloured cousins are already manipulating 'chunks of the population'

    We live in interesting times.
    The sooner I emigrate to Canada, the better.
    Leaving you all swirling in a cesspool of your own making. :banned:
  13. If I understand you correctly you support Labour because it's junked 10 years of Labour policy.
  14. I think the emphasis should be on the unspoken 'NEW Labour' policies.