Labour Sleaze: Peerages as Election Bribe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Country_Bumpkin, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Ex-Labour traditionalist Peter Law, laterly an Independent MP for the South Wales Blaenau Gwent constituency was offered a peerage not to stand against New Labour in the last election:

    How low can you get? Piling pressure on a dying man who was loyal to the Labour Party for many years. And now, only a couple of days after his sad death, they try and say the grieving widow made it all up. This government is beyond contempt - they are a brand new inferior species of pond life.

    PS. There are that many topics on Labour sleaze I think we should prefix them all 'Labour Sleaze: [Topic]'.
  2. Labour says her claim is "categorically not true"

    It's true then.
  3. Translations:

    Military man:

    maybe= he is not a military man

    A diplomat

    no= he is not a diplomat

    A politician:

    maybe= he is a true politician

    A lass

    yes= she is not a virgin
  4. Oh it gets even worse. Peter Law hasn’t even been buried and the Labour whips in Westminster have been trying to arrange an early by election, thwarted only because the local press found out. And Blaenau Gwent Labour party have already selected their candidate for the next general election, they were the first to do so in the country, some of my better informed friends have suggested that they knew Peter Law was ill and there would therefore be an earlier by election. How callous can you get?

    Peter Law was a good man who showed a great deal of courage may he rest in peace.
  5. The spped with which Labour was able to thoroughly investigate this allegation is truly amazing. Or maybe they're talking out of their collective arrse.
  6. The concept of a thorough investigation is as foreign to Labour as the concept of fidelity is to Jabba Prescott.
  7. Only "maybe" ?
  8. Sergey you're astute.

    Try looking up stute!
  9. Now being looked at by police: BBC News
  10. Don't think my sarcasm came out well there...

  11. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Mrs Law and her children at this very sad time .
  12. Blur has run the most corrupt Government since Lloyd George.
    Been saying that on this board since I joined and on other boards since the Eccelstone Affair.