labour sell AWE to Septics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. BBC news are saying that Labour have sold AWE Aldermaston to an American company, So now we have even less control of WMDs
  2. Well it's not very secret now
  3. msr

    msr LE

    What's for sale next?

    The Treasury is considering privatising other state assets in what critics have called a recession "fire sale". These include:

    *Ordnance Survey

    *The Met Office

    *The Forestry Commission

    *The Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in Westminster

    *The Covent Garden Market Authority

    *The Royal Mint

    *The Tote

    *Buildings owned by British Waterways

    *British Nuclear Fuel's stake in uranium enrichment company Urenco

    *The Oil & Pipeline Agency, which manages the UK's underground network of fuel distribution pipelines.

  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing new there then. One might be able to contest it in a court of law of course - after all, they sold out UK Plc some time ago to the EU, so the rest of the list is no longer theirs to sell.
  5. Its the way its been announced that is most annoying. Parliament broke up for the Xmas recess yesterday, and won't sit for nearly a month. It was announced today. How democratic is that? Meaning that there can be no realistic questions asked about a sale that has potentially enormous impact on the nations security. This Government thinks it is answerable to no one.
  6. I can confirm that AWE was sold for £1.00. This money was spent straightaway on a lucky dip lotto ticket. for tonights lotto draw.

    Err this must be getting to the stage or extremely past the stage of a no confidence vote on our liarbour friends.

  7. Looks like they're right though, doesn't it? Bastards.
  8. A third of it is still owned by a British company, might go some way to keeping the yanks under control...
  9. Anyone remember the DERA fiasco, sold off for a pittance and all those secrets and expertise sold off with it, we now pay through the nose to QINETIQ to do work that was done for free 10 years ago.

    I wonder if any of the AWE management will make the same profits as the DERA management did, i think it was something like 30 times the stake they put in, so those who put in £10,000 made £3,000,000, the top managers were running about getting bank loans and remortgaging to put money into it as it was guaranteed to make them a fortune, but somehow the government never noticed that.

    I can see more and more of these sales, it's embarassing as they're orchestrated by the management and other companies to rip off the UK and put as much money into their pockets as possible, in most countries this would be deemed fraud and have long prison sentences, in the UK it's the down payment for a knighthood.

  10. Yes, unfortunately that company is serco :lol:
  11. Doomed :D
  12. Doomed? Why?
  13. coz the coudn't organise a piss up in a brewery even if the bottles were opened