Labour scrapes the barrel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Just had two canvassers for the local sitting MP, Ben Bradshaw. Neither of them had begun to shave properly, were spattered with acne and hadn't combed their hair in a week or two. One was wearing a Che Guevara badge ("Because he was a freedom fighter").

    They didn't know Bradshaw had been a minister at DEFRA, or even what DEFRA stood for, and they blamed the economic crisis on.... Thatcher.

    If this is the best Labour can do by way of canvassers, they're done for. There used to be a thriving local party, admittedly full of men in Cornish-pasty shoes, fag hags and mad-looking women who worked in Human Resources. Now, halfwitted children are the best they can manage.
  2. Labour don't even bother campaigning in my neck of the woods, where at the last election they only got 14% of the vote.....
  3. I go out canvassing. I'm normally in Jeans, v neck jumper and shirt, clean shaven and smart hair. I could go out in a suit, but think it would play to the stereotype!
    But clearly I'm not a freedom fighter, just a force of oppression and tyranny!
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Decades ago a Labour canvasser caled at Schloss Seaweed. I told him to take his filthy Bolshevik feet off my nice clean garden path. He must have marked me as a 'No' for some reason as I haven't had a visit from one since. The Limp Dem I shall engage in interminable conversation to waste his time and stop him getting anywhere with anybody else. He will be too nice and friendly to disengage.
  5. I never see a canvasser in our neck of the woods, but have their "sorry we missed you" leaflets shoved through the letter box. Why don't they come round when there are people who work at home rather than the sick, lame, lazy and retired.
  6. Should have punched him in the chops -- Guevara was a mass murdering racist who revelled in shooting political prisoners in the head personally, and who actually wanted a nuclear war with the US. All this on top of being a rather stereotypical totalitarian communist feckwit.

    If the Labour Party is reduced to using these SWP/Respect rejects for canvassing, they have lost the plot entirely.
  7. Perhaps the present incumbents should canvas late at night, with dark cars, and leather trenchcoat wearing representatives?
  8. I did try to point this out to WispyChin 1, but he just looked at me and said "...naah... naah.... he wassunt... he didn't..... naah... [smirk] don't fink so... [titter]..."

    So I just told the pair of them to feck off and stop wasting my time.
  9. I think some canvassers around here would be a start. How else do they expect to get my vote?

    I'm kind of hoping the local MP turns up himself to canvass... cos he's a lying c*nt. And I shall enjoy telling him so.
  10. That's where you went wrong. Invite him in for a cup of tea and a chat about politics.

    That's what I do and I now have a growing collection of canvassers locked in my cellar.
  11. I always wear my 'Che' T-shirt when the Trots come calling.

  12. Anyone had a portly canvasser with a beard round who fell asleep half-way through delivering the Lib Dem message ;)
  13. you won't see the Liarbore canvassers as by not being reliant on benefits you are not their target market.
  14. When our bell rings my missus shouts at the top of her voice " Dont answer it, pretend were not in". They usually get the message and go away.
  15. Less the "late at night" remark, the remainder of your description could describe Galloway's approach to electioneering. Hmmm.... on reflection, they were in short black leather jackets and 'shades'.