Labour running out of cash,party pay fears

Let's hope the oily, lying scum go bankrupt.

£1000 a head whip round? The assorted shysters and opportunists who fill the back benches would have to vote themselves another pay rise to cover the cost.
You know why they are broke?

They pay WAY too much to their staff!

Going by the figures quoted in the Telegraph, the average wage (dividing the total wage bill by the number of staff) is somewhere around £45K 8O 8O 8O

No f'ing wonder they are skint. it's all the bloody management consultants and diversity officers. :p
Not only do they pay too much to their staff, they have too many staff to boot. Political parties that run their party the way they run the country should not be so surprised when it all goes tits...
Don't they have to pay back some of those "Loans" as well? Ya know after the Donators found out they wheren't getting their Peerages.
But Listy, we know that the loans and peerages are entirely unrelated, otherwise they would have arrested those involved........

Oi Vay! Lord Levy, would you mind accompanying us to the station?
Surely if they are in debt and have to pay back their loans with money they don't have, they are technically bankrupt. Financially I mean, we already know they are morally bankrupt. Should the Official receiver be brought in (bit embarassing for mong Broon).

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