Labour politicians at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. Come on he had to travel 8 miles, from his house and to get there from Parliment wow 11 more, that like 1/2 a gallon of fuel. what would you do? £5 a day for fuel =£780 or £60000 in your bin, tax free
  3. This Cnut actually lives further away by tube from the Commons than his constituency home is. So he has been able to play the immoral but not illegal game of claiming off the taxpayer for his parents home in the constituency. Its Fraud and it should be stopped now, and those who have been claiming where it really is unnecessary should be made to repay.

    He is supposed to be one of the Bright Stars of the cabinet, however I find him dull as dirty dishwater. The man is a total arrsehole.
  4. The whole lot of them are bottom feeding scum.
    Stand by for weeks of done nothing wrong speech's.
  5. When will the excesses of, and abuses of, the allowance system currently in force applying to MPs be halted? Every penny 'filched' is a penny of the tax we have paid. Irrespective of political party, the 'abuses' are wholly unacceptable.

    The rules need re-writing - pronto!

    The currently, totally 'innocent' porcine trougher - McNulty - hopefully is to lose his seat come the next election.

    My source for this:
  7. OK he's a labour politician and despised, but it's a claim he's entititled to. We do the same (those serving on here). Don't know why people have to jump on every outrage bandwagon going.

    Its a none story.
  8. Just highlights the arrogance of McNutty and Zarnu New Arbiet! Comrade!!
  9. Balls. If it was a bloke on the dole he would get stuffed for pulling a stroke like this
  10. And with War Pensoners coming at the bottom of their list / priority, had it not been for us, they would not have been able to BUY the last General Election.

    Mind you top so-called Civil Servants are NO better!! . . :x
  11. I wonder if they practice what they now preach, "WE do not reward FAILURE"!
  12. Sorry you got that wrong
  13. If i claimed a police housing allowance for a house i wasn't living in i would probably end up in prison.

    yet for these people its all OK and above board?

  14. He tool £60,000 of the taxpayers money.
    He is entitled to it because they are all (regardless of party) actively engaged in helping themselves to everything they can get.
    Its perfectly legal because they write their own rules that entitle them to take what they like.
    Its wrong, its dis-honourable and they are leeches. But it is legal.

    Why the bandwagon? Because its my fooking money, I work hard for it and I don't see why scum like him should be able to help themselves to it under any pretence they can think of.
    These leeches don't earn that money, they are steeling it from us.
  15. Just about had enough of this pish.....

    Fcuk all this "second home malarky". Build an MP pads estate at a suitable location (minus those who live close enough to not warrent one and of course the PM and Chancellor).

    Make it nice, you know, what ever a serving soldier is allowed. Throw afence around it, and put on a gate guard..... the back benchers can do fire piquet. :D

    Maybe some sort of flats like the RHA live in in St Johns Wood.

    Furnish them with whatever they need in a second home, and get an estate warden to do the march in, march out. Bills raised against damage obviously.

    They can even have a garage.

    Job jobbed.

    It would certainly be cheaper in the long run.

    Then bring in a rule that states, the 1st home MUST be in the MPs constituency.

    After the 2012 olympics we'll no doubt have a "sportsmans village" or at the very least a few possible venues for rebuild.