Labour plumbs new depths with Cancer leaflet

A leaflet telling people that a Labour guarantee to see a cancer specialist within two weeks would be scrapped by the Tories who would also supposedly do away with the right to be treated within 18 weeks.

That would be a leaflet addressed to sufferers and those who have undergone cancer tests by name and featuring a picture of a woman who thought she was having her photograph taken for use in a magazine for the National Health Service, not Labour party propaganda.

What next? Parents of child rape victims getting cards telling them how there would be more Nonces around under the Conservatives?

Plus of couse the big question: where did they get the data?

Knew it would be dirty politics but that is vile.
Blogg said:
Plus of course the big question: where did they get the data?

Absolutely. I thought medical information was supposed to be confidential. I hope someone is going to swing for releasing information.

What's next - sending cards to people who've been to Clap Clinics to say that under a new Liebour government Chlamydia and the Clap would be banned?
NHS database, anyone?

The place where cancer stats are collated (for research purposes) is the MRC. Anyone (PQO?) know this body, and how likely it is to leak? If it did, or if some other national medical organisation has permitted identifiable personal confidential records to be used in this way, I hope they are strung up. I did not think anyone, even a politician, could go so low.

PS: edited to add, MRC's website announced on 9 April that it would not be updated, nor any email alerts sent, until 6 May. As this is several days after normal "closure of business" after formal calling of election; is it possible they already know something very wrong was done?


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vampangua said:
NHS database, anyone?

DVLA? you have to report thing like that to them
My old man lost his HGV when he had cancer
It does seem rather suspect this type of information via leaflets is being distributed during a vital campaign while the website is not updating further details,

Anyone found a link or further info on these leaflets? (I don't mean the Times link)
From the Lib Dem Norfolk Blogger Which party has been using cancer drugs as an election issue and has been caught telling fibs ? Step forward ...
Oh come on, we all know that the Tories will say just about anything to win the election. And after their attacks on Gordon Brown for misleading parliament last week you might expect the Tories would have attempted to take the moral high ground.

Sadly not.

It seems the Tories are prepared to even tell lies about cancer treatment and cancer drugs in order to win votes.

Surely trying to win votes by scaremangering ill people is a new all time low ?
Pots and kettles innit.

Expect this to get nastier and more emotive, that's just what Broon needs. Fact is a primal fear New Labor can play on is the Tories will do even more harm to the already bare bones services the NHS provides than they themselves have with their rather Thatcherite PFIs and metrics obsessed tinkering.

If I was Cameron I'd try to keep the language on health very, very sober. A lot of likely Tory voters are small 'c' conservative OAPs with no private health insurance, not happy with the NHS but terrified of change.

Incidentally oddly inept move from spin savvy Dave talking up the Great Society as a soundbite. Smacks of naive US watching talent on his team. I'd not clumsily lead with my right saying “I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS” while referencing LBJ's failing half measure that brought Medicare for US seniors and Medicaid for the poor, with the formers lack of cost controls and the latter's patchy cover.

Most Yank seniors are now pitifully grateful to LBJ for their inefficiently socialized medicine but Brit OAPs can easily be terrified by the prospect of creeping Americanization. Steve Hilton may find insurance company death panels being spun at Millbank's not very robust chin. All it needs then is for a few mouthy Tories to go off message and start banging on about how wonderful the US system is and Dave will be on the canvas.
The comments about Tory lies on cancer drugs were retracted after Kings Fund denied making them. Who is resonsible for creating the fake scares?
vampangua said:
The comments about Tory lies on cancer drugs were retracted after Kings Fund denied making them. Who is responsible for creating the fake scares?
Ah, the Kings Fund, who just happened to come out with 'the NHS in England has improved significantly since 1997' just weeks before a general election.

Quelle coincidence!

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