Labour plans a British Day to aid patriotism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Strongly support

  2. It's rather a good idea

  3. I would support but it was proposed by the Labour

  4. Rather no

  5. Stupid idea

  6. Strongly against

  1. I am British all year round. Gordo and his ilk are too often anti-British, and it's a bit chheky for him to want to be British for one day.
  2. It seems to me that this is what St George's day should be, but is a compromise garnered so as not to "offend" anyone.
  3. Brown can Foxtrot Oscar at the high's a political thing on his part.
    [Unless it was called Waterloo Day or Trafalgar Day :D ]
  4. So when we (the British public) hang our country flags, or the Union flag, outside our houses. We'll be upsetting a lot of minorities, who aren't British!!
    Wasn't there a post about flags and minorities getting upset, a while ago?
    Hanging a St Georges flag on St Geordes day has got a lot of complaints in the past!!!
  5. Exactly my point, making a whole day of it, the minorities (sic) will be in uproar! How dare we suggest to have a "Great Britain" day in Great Britain, and as to waving the flag of the country we are in, oh the audacity!
  6. It wont happen. as good an idea it is all they will be worried about is upsetting the minorities and making themselves look racist. the government need to support the british people more and allow patriotism amongst them. they will also be worried the event will be overtaken by radical parties and others intent on using it as an excuse for promoting their views and ideals
  7. Would be OK if it wasn't for the fact it's just a stunt to gain votes. If there was really the feeling we needed to celebrate our pride in our nations, St George's day etc. would be a lot more than it is currently.
  8. Call it 'Patron Saints Day'.....everyone goes on the pish!!

    St Andrew, St David, St George, St Piran and St Patrick
  9. We've already got one - it's called Remembrance Day. There's no better example of shared values and collective effort to be found.

  10. It is a wonderous idea - a festive day to celebrate all things British (separated fron St George, David, Patrick and Andrews' Day)


    the copyright belongs to...

    Ze Germans, as they celebrate it every year!

    British Day

    again, we are behind the times!
  11. Every day is 'British Day'!
  12. No, St George's Day is for English people...

    I am all for a "British Day" when people who couldn't give a stuff the other 364 can draw attention to themselves! However I am British all the time, Scottish all the time and have served my country to prove the point, if proof be needed. Unlike the Broons and Bliars of this world who wrap themselves in any passing flag of convenience in a bid to serve themselves. Unlike Prezza who merely serves a second-helping usually...
  13. Sounds a good idea in theory, but will it be British values or trendy values?

    Will there be an apologise for slavery march with multi-coloured children with gay rainbow t-shirts holding hands round a float celebrating duwali? If so not interested.
  14. With you all the way on this one Cuddles. :D

    And if it happens we musn't let it be hijacked by a bunch of Politicos - of whatever persuasion - for their own purposes.