Labour plan to dismantle Whitehall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. They've barely got time to pop to the corner shop for milk before they're ousted from power, never mind do all that.
  2. Interesting....but my mind just refuses to compute the expression " Smarter Government " ?
  3. Who's having a laugh then?
  4. This old chestnut is trotted out so often it even appeared in Yes Minister.
  5. The only way you'll achieve "smarter government"is by moving the House of Commons, to oh, i dont know, Wales.
  6. Nice idea, in theory. I'm waiting to see how they fcuk it up.
  7. Liebour trying to outsource money and jobs to it's voting heartlands again?
  8. Liebour trying to outsource money and jobs to it's voting heartlands again?
  9. I hope they've told our new lords and masters in Brussels.Herr Humpty or what ever the clowns name is, and that CND harpy will starting getting very annoyed if governments go off message,and start believing they can govern.
  10. The state employs 5,800,000 people.
    The NHS alone is the worlds third largest employer with 1,300,000 employee's

    We can't afford to carry on this way. A fifth of the people working in this country work directly for the state.

    Moving a few of them to Tyneside or Glasgow isn't going to solve the problem is it?
  11. many on the dole?

    No worries us (spams) plan to catch up and surpass it like a moon shot
  12. No doubt Peter Fondlebum will make himself Head of the various Departments "to save on salaries", making him Ultimate Supremo of the UK.

    He's already asked for the power to make his own laws, so it's really only a matter of time before he declares himself Fuhrer or whatever the Stalinist equivalent is.

    Anyone who disagrees with him will be branded as racists or fascists and sent to re-education camps in the arse-end of Scotland.
  13. They've got to be taking the piss. I mean -

    Because it's not like New Labour to set up loads of pointless, mega expensive, useless quangos :roll:
  14. Another pre election non story.

    This crops up before every election in the last 25 years or longer and neither party has the ball0x to do it