Labour, party of the people.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    And the fat blind jock idiot has invited the blood sucker into government.

    Full story of the party of the people thieving tw@ts
  2. I fail to see why anyone is surprised, the entire "New Labour" project was all about the personal enrichment of a Mr T Blair and his cronies.
  3. Neil Kinnock, Labour, Welsh and Ginger, says it all really.
  4. As much as I am on the opposite side of the political fence from the old style true socialist Labour people I used to admire the honesty they had, the arrival of the Champagne socialist then the advent of New Labour must have the true socialists spinning in their graves as opposed to spinning the bullsh*t to different facts, I do remember the Kinnocks saying how wrong the House of Lords was and should be abolished, more pish and drivel
  5. A simple Champagne Socialist policy of:

    'Do as I say and not as I do'

    Party of the people my fecking arrse. As mentioned, all that these cnuts want is power, a power that is gained by control. Get every blood sucking taker in the country on the UK Plc State Funded Pay Roll, more commonly know as the Dole or Public Sector workfarce and you have a merry band of loyal party voters.

    As for the rest that earn a living and make a decent contribution in the form of real taxes, make them buy ID Cards and then hold any piece of personal information that they have on a State Funded and State run Data-base and you have them by the ballls. Plus, if they ever step out of line you can flog their private details to any cnut that is prepared to pay and they can then do as they please with it, that's if the State doesn't first loose it and let it fall into the hands of criminals.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm so looking forward to Ashie justifying this....
  7. Not quite; you left out CNUT. :x
  8. Steady on chum, Glenys taught me english at Abersycan Gramar skol.

    We flokked to the tenis cuorts to watch her play in her frily nikers. So did 'The Cob' and Laurie Daniel.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    well, it's in the Times, so it's just more capitalist propaganda to try and sully the names of the good labourites who've never had anything but the interests of the country at heart.

    anyway, some big boys did it and then ran away and it all started in America and this is all Thatcher's fault anyway.

    or something.
  10. That's an outrage. We need that money to pay for celebrities like Jonathan Ross.
  11. There once was a Young man from Kirkaldy,
    Whose Pa named Him Gordie,
    The neighours thought, "Thats significantly oddie!"
    Such was the Young Man of Kirkaldy.

    He was a clever thing was Young Gordie,
    He went to Uni and was realy nurdy,
    He gained a Degree, or three,
    And called himself Doctor Mc Gordie.

    He met a man called Tony,
    and they palled up so nobly,
    When Tony was Dear Leader,
    Young Gordie felt cheated.
    So burbled and wailed and weeped!

    Now Young Gordie is Dear Leader,
    His past comes back to haunt him,
    He looks so glum,
    as fear grips his tum,
    So goodbye Dr Mc Gordie.... :wink: :wink:
  12. So, apart from the fact that she is in government - what is the difference between Kinnock and, say, Farage or McMiilan Scott?

    Different parties.
  13. So you support the blood sucking, money grabing lifestyles of such "promement" politicians?

    You ask a split question.

    However they ALL used the BRITISH POLITICAL SYSTEM to make them very, very, very ,very rich people/families.

    And you are a very sick and morally corrupt polytical person!

    And to help the kinnock family I pledge the following:

    If i ever come across a member of the kinnock family, regardless of what age I promise to pour petrol on such person and start a barbi. This is regardless of age. As in a 2year old would be a good BBQ.

    OOOps obviosly a joke would i evr do such a thong. me never i love children and .
    its racist to make comments about gwars or the derivatives in the UK.

    and who the fcuk is neil konnick and his blood sucking family?
  14. Niel Kinnock
    a Failure as leader of the opposition, packed off to Brussels, to join allmthe other Euro Political Failures and where he has raped the System blind.
    A True Man of the People.
    The Working Class can kiss my arrse
    I've got the formans job at larst.
  15. Old Goat no point in arguing with Sven\trumpter\Whet on this after all he aspires to get his nose into the trough as well. And he's still a cnut you'd think he'd take the hint and crayon over another forum.