Labour you think that they are Good for Britain?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geo7863, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Steady on – you’ll have SVEN on in a minute saying why the Labour Party are wonderful and have only been led down the garden path by that “horrible little man” Blair. Otherwise they are the most lovey dovey sort of people you would want to have at dinner! :lol:

    Bollo*ks – as I said yesterday they could teach the old communist part a thing or two about control! :roll:
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I know most MP's practise the black art of failling to tell the truth but this lot stand up in the House and lie and nobody has the balls to take the necessary action against them. There is not an MP worth the sarary and allowances being paid to them and now we are going to give them another 60%. WTF is this country coming to when we are unable to control these lying sponging good for nothing arrsee bandits.
  3. Well if you look at how many people view some of the threads here on ARRSE, thousands!!

    If everyone had a legitimate question for why the labour party are so crap and sent them an e-mail as I did questioning Prescotts spending on a new office sign, and Becketts incompetence when answering a simple question, it would probably block their e-mail system up, someone then might actually take a look at why this has happened, then T BLiar can deny it all as he does with anything which is unsavoury to his pretty little ears
  4. No - next question.
  5. well feel free to tell them then.
  6. e-mail to new Liarbour

    Dear Labour Party

    I notice on your list of 50 acheivements from your website that number 47 states that "Cancer death rates down by 12 per cent, saving 43,000 lives"

    Does that mean that the Labour Party has discovered new cures for cancer, or that by some miracle the labour party has intervened in the way pre-cancer cells mutate into full blown cancer.

    Please congratulate Mr Tony BLiar on his wonderfull acheivement


    Geo*** ********
  7. Dear oh dear. You obviously haven't read and taken in the wonderful comment in today's Guardian: "Whatever the Brownites say, history will judge Blair as a political colossus", by Anthony Seldon.

    (It really, actually made me feel ill).
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    There may still be some use for the Labour party, long term that is. I always like to cite the British democratic principle that one parliament may not bind a subsequent parliament. In reality this happens all the time; one might even say that the habitus at play effects foreign policy, and thus following parliaments have no choice but to cling to previous foreign policy. However for the wise there occurs a point at which a wrong turn has obviously been made and only the most bullish and foolhardy do not retrace their steps and return the part in the road. Tony Blair is exactly such a fool. He was asked some years ago in interview what he thought a young Tony Blair would think of PM Blair, to which he jovially replied 'probably ashamed.' Good answer Tony.

    As to the Labour party proper, I think they may yet still be of use to the UK. As China moves away from Maoism, and the Labour party remember their Fabian roots, they will probably be well suited to sit again as the government of the day just as China becomes the dominant economy. Their ideologies should by my calculation not be too far apart by that point in the C21st.
  9. This people of this country have had the government they deserve.
    Blair will go down in history as an incompetent warmongerer, media whore, lapdog and liar.
    His legacy is a world less safe and the realisation of George Orwell's greatest fears for our society (Only about 20 years late!).

    Hopefully the electorate will wake up next time.
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Time to make voting compulsory and for a proper look at the electoral system.
  11. For someone who has posted only 47 times in over 2 years You claim to know me well :roll:

    However, to answer the question - some goodthings, some bad.

    For instance

    I am a school governor - My school has done really well from the Labour government and is set to do so again in the next budget. The job of Headteacher and teaching IS more involved but we are not struggling financially.

    As I have posted before, I have experienced the NHS all over Britain and compared to when I first got my brain desease in 1990 I get EXTREMELY competent and professional treatment as do my immediate and extended family.

    The economy - nuff said.


    This government is trying to turn the UK into a police state. Kow towing to them frequently and try9ing to give them ever unseemly power they demand.

    Following on from the above - the eroding of civil liberties is disgraceful.

    Blair and Bush totally screwed up Post War Iraq.

    All in all - I would give them 6 out of 10 and look forward to their walking out of the door at Number 10 and the Lib Dems walking in
  12. Your standards are clearly low. Take a look at the latest Health Commission results - Harrogate gets an 'excellent' in all respects, while your beloved Airedale General only gets 'fair'. But perhaps I should not criticise - like many patients (I hate 'service users'), how can you be in a position to judge? You did not know of the existence of A&E as a speciality, for example, so how can what you say about the NHS be anything other than entirely subjective.
  13. Agree with you Sven.

    It should be remembered that they replaced a government whose serial incompetence would have even outshone these guys. Like most governments, they started off OK and then lost the plot and got power-crazed.

    Six out of ten. The Iraq thing is his biggest failure. I often wonder just how much of our involvement in Iraq is down to the shock that the British establishment got from realising the damage done to our relationship with Uncle Sam by the way we copped out over Bosnia.
  14. What sun is your planet orbiting? Admittedly the libdems have got Lembit hoofing one up a cheeky girl (makes a change for a Libdem to be outed as hetero, I just assumed that as he was a member of the Party and single he must be a whoopsie. Will he be required to give an apology for letting the side down?), but other than that what the hell have they got to offer the UK?

    Ming the Personalitiless?

    But at least they aren't Neue Arbeit.

    6/10? Presumably that's a figure arrived at after Gordon's "mighty intellect" has massaged the figures, so actually three of the points have already been announced previously.

    3/10? Overly generous, methinks...