Labour Party Corruption

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mad_mac, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Labour is now starting to sweat over the "cash for peerages" scandal.

    To appoint Lord Goldsmith as the key person to decide on prosecution is unethical at the very least, and is likely to embroil Labour in further corruption allegations.

    This is a gentleman who rose from political obscurity in 1999 to become a peer of the realm (Courtesy of our Dear Leader), and was promoted to Attorney General in 2001. He is a close friend and ally of our benevolent leader, T Bliar.

    Goldsmith, corruption from the Torygraph

    The Attorney General, assisted by the Solicitor General, is the chief legal adviser to the Government. The Attorney General has overall responsibility for the Treasury Solicitors’ Department, superintends the Director of Public Prosecution as head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the Director of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland. The Law Officers answer for these Departments in Parliament. The Attorney General has public interest functions in which his responsibility is as guardian of the public interest.

    Is not the inclusion of Goldsmith into this affair a serious breech of ethics as he has a vested interest. Would he bite the hand that feeds him and hold Labour to account? Judging by his U turn on the legality of the Iraq War he is susceptible to being leant on by Labour political heavyweights.

    Was Goldsmith placed in this position as an insurance policy to give Bliar a "Get out of Jail" card? I shall be writing to my MP to state my objections to this apparent whitewash.

    Anyone with any POV, or am I being oversensitive and a conspiracy theorist???

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  2. I'd do anything to get rid of these swines.
  3. Bootneck,

    The use of ones democratic right to voice an opinion is a step in the right direction. If you feel this is a "fait accompli" by the Liarbour Party, write to them. Follow the link:

    Write to your MP

    The present Government as of yet, have not taken this right away from the electorate. Time will tell though!!!
  4. Don't forget, the tories are up to their necks in it as well.

    Apparently, 'Lord' Goldsmith will advise whether bringing a prosecution is in the 'public interest' - but somebody called Carmen Dowd at the CPS has the final decision on whether to prosecute or not.

    ps. 'Lord' Adonis is another wet behind the ears no mark brought in lately by Blair and made a peer in order to give him a ministerial position. It's done to circumvent the inconvenience of having to be elected an MP, as part of the democratic process.
  5. I have no doubt that this is a tri party scandal. However the important issue here is that the Liarbour party are in a position to deliver on peerages as they are the party in power. I will look into this Carmen Dowd business.
  6. If you *really* want to raise a question of corruption, lets talk about the gross conflict of interests between Tony, Cherie and the Human Rights Act.

    What really motivated him to bring in the HRA?

    I wonder...
  7. Agreed, yes! I suggest everyone writes to their local MP to voice objections to this.

    Bloody cnuts, every single one of them.
  8. Excerpt from my letter to my MP concerning Ms Dowd:

    "I am aware that Miss Dowd, the head of Special Crime, may well be the
    next to appear if she decides to press charges against anyone in the
    loans-for-peerages inquiry. She is reviewing several files of evidence
    and will decide in the next few months whether anyone should be
    charged. Is Ms Dowd accountable to Lord Goldsmith for her actions?; in
    which case a conflict of interests has arisen."

    This whole thing is really starting to stink!!!!!!!
  9. Ultimately Goldsmith will ADVISE if it is in the public interest to prosecute.
  10. I'm looking forward to watching IDS Who is "Bricking it" over this. Shame hes isn't party leader. More tory sleeze I hope
  11. IDS may have proferred the elusive peerage for loans. Due to not being in power, this becomes a loan under false pretences, as peerages were never attained.

    In the case of Liarbour the peerages have been given, establishing the link and providing the "body of evidence".

    I think Liarbour have helluva lot more to lose here than the Tories!!!!!
  12. Sir Ian Blair has stood back from the investigation.,,1940467,00.html

    A good question is:

    Why has the Dear Leader not actually volunteered to assist the police with their enquiries? What sort of example does this set?
  13. The fact that it was costing a fortune to keep taking cases to the ECtHR, whereas if we had the legislation in our law it could deal with it most of the time in our own courts. We have been bound by the ECHR for more than 50 years so bringing in the HRA didn't make that much difference. People in this country just take their rights such as freedom of speech and even the right to vote for granted.

    I don't really see what this has to do with the cash for peerages though. Are you another one that jumps on the Liabour bandwagon and blames everything on the HRA.
  14. What the HRA has got to do with corruption is the fact that Mrs Blairs Matrix Champers has made £5 Million plus from the HRA. In other words the Blair family is directly profiting from this most dangerous legislation.

    Just like other government ministers are profiting from Hedge funds etc. The people responsible for huge hikes in taxes are using every loophole they can to avoid paying any themselves.

    The privatisation of DERA is also one for an investigation I think. Labour party donors were effectively given first refusal on the shares to the exclusion of othere potential investors.

    Our Home Secretary (Defence Minister at the time has some questions to answer regarding this)

    This entire Government is steeped in corruption and sleaze from the top down. Let us not forget some of the EU corruption that certain Labour Members seem strangely reluctant to tackle.
  15. Some interesting quotes from the Telegraph page on this story.

    Consideriong the number of politiicains who were screaming a month ago about the Constitutional crisis created by CGS's comments it is revealing to see how little broohah there is about this which is an explicit constitutional issue and conflict of interest. A political appointee being asked to advise if his benefactors have done wrong.

    If the Attorney General's comments are correct then whay hasn't the Governement pulished his 17 page and subsequent One page advice on the legality of ops in Iraq?