Labour Party Conference

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Where the fekc did they manage to find so many delusioned commy barstewards from, they are all about seem to be living in some New Labour Utopia
  2. It's the logical result of closing the mental asylums.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its the Labour Party Conference rallying the faithfull to the cause - what did you expect, blue ties and Thatcherite free market speeches :?

    Top tip. Don't watch it, you'll just get annoyed :roll:
  4. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    FFS they even got Martin IRA Scum Mcguiness in Brighton, you can only hope that he could be on a Recce :roll:
  5. We got to watch it , to make up the list of who goes to the fireing squad first
  6. What cause? Seriously.......what cause?

    I will watch what I can because I want to know where they stand on certain policies, If nothing else I need to re-inforce the fact in my head that this lot are truly fecking delusional. Brown (never won an election) Mandelsohn(unelected) and Harman fawning over themselves in a bid to convince the workshy and feckless how great they are is possibly he best comedy I have seen. I've also got a tenner on Brown having an episode this week. Hopefuly someone on the inside will break a scandal just before brown hits centre stage and we can watch the idiot crumble before our eyes.

    PS i've corrected your quote.
  7. Hear, hear.
  8. It is not a Conference, just a ritual for the meejia and to allow MP's, party officals, SPAD's & sundry hangers on etc to do a bit of greasing and have a p1ss up FOC if they can weasel their way into enough receptions.

    On Radio 4 this morning some bloke was bemoaning that even the "Fringe" had ceased to have any point as the various meetings were crawling with suits and single issue campaigners but mainly because the numbers of activists is way down thanks to many of them having been flushed out of local government.

    See? Local elections do matter.
  9. Watching Cyclops on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning, I almost felt sorry for the fat, one-eyed, jock when he was asked if he was on medication. He looked so sad and helpless that I almost felt sorry for him.

    Then I though NO, here is a Marxist, self-appointed, power crazed, idiot who has been instrumental in destroying this country. I then regained my composure and thoughts, and decided that he should have a Trip-Flare Picket driven through his good eye.
  10. Living as I do in the Peoples Democratic Republic of South Sussex, I've been watching with amused bemusement at the lengths the 'Party of the People' have gone to isolate themselves from the hoi-poloi they are supposed to represent.

    A 'ring of steel' has been thrown around the Brighton Centre and road blocks set up on the seafront road - costing taxpayers millions. I lost count of the number of Police minibuses wending their way up the A23 last night, all with outriders with Winky Wanky lights flashing. The usual excuse is 'but it brings lots of money into the town' but, as most of the delegates are on some kind of expenses scam, we are paying for it one way or the other.

    I haven't been down the seafront this week (I don't want to catch anything) so haven't seen if the 'detention Marquee' has been erected this year. In the 2005 conference, 500 'undesirables' were detained under the Prevention of Terrorism act, including someone wearing a 'Bugger Blair' teashirt and, of course, poor old Walter Wolfgang who commited the heinous crime of heckling Jack Straw.

    As for the delightful Mr. McGuiness visiting, him and Gerry were made very welcome down here by Brighton Rent-a-Cause long before the bomb in The Grand, so they must know the area well.
  11. What I Shall Remember of the Last Labour Government for a Generation

    Tough on crime … tough on the causes of crime .
    The great gold sale or rather giveaway .
    The great pension’s robbery .
    The end to boom and boost .
    The Human Rights Act .
    The removal of the 10p tax rate .
    The protection or lack of with personal data held by Government departments .
    Immigration legal and illegal .
    One law for MP’s and Lords and another for the rest .
    Expenses , remuneration , pensions and golden parachute payments to MP’s .
    Lack of action on Public Sector and Civil Service Pensions .
    The emasculation of the authority of the Bank of England and the creation of a tripart replacement with no one in overall charge .

    Reduced waiting times in the NHS .

    As I watch the faithful at their 2009 Conference you can see in the faces of the MP’s being interviewed they know that they are going to get absolutely hammered … and rightly so .
  12. Then what they did to the British Army:

    1. Disbanded famous county regiments.

    2. Closed down key sites, and good postings, manned by the Army.

    3. Reduced Adventure Training schemes (Snow Queen - Kevan Jones MP).

    4. Introduced homosexuality in to the Army.

    5. Filled the Army with thousands of foreign nationals who have no allegiance to the UK.

    6. Used the Army to get them out of a political muddle (firefighters strike).

    Yes Tony and Cyclops we will remember you.
  13. Whilst it is quiet right to blame Labour for nearly all of our countries ills. I think your point above is stretching it a wee bit. Homosexuals have been in the Army for donkeys years, they have just never made it public
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Careful me old son - there'll be a MOD along any minute who's so far up himself the sun never shines on his visog to tell you that you are dull and predictable, and that this thread is locked.
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe he means Labour made it compulsory, it was always optional before (unless you were in the WRAC).