Labour Party Annual Conference 'Knees Up' 2013

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. So, Doc Brown will 'star in his own rite' as guest speaker for the Larbour Party's annual knees up. Good for them - then that would be a good indication of where the Labour Party is going to pitch its economic, fiscal, social, education and 'everything else policies'. Old Labour is going to be resurrected as they try to distance themsleves from Tony Blair, Doc Brown, Madelson and Mr Balls.

    Oh, wow - that means Mr Balls, Doc Brown etc should NOT be appearing. But then, like alkies and junkies, they are in complete political denial about the 13 years of Labor missrule under Mr Tony and pals. They will possibly blame the 'Nasty Torys' or even 'Mrs Thatcher' for all the evils of society since 1997 when the Labor Party under Mr Tony got elected to office. There will be much backstabbing, bitching and other 'bad stuff' done in smoke filled back rooms. It will possibly be a 'target' for the Security Services as GCHQ monitors Cell Phones, Email and 'Skype', 'Twitter' and 'Faceache' chatter on the Internet.

    With the dribbling Lefty Unions pulling Mr Ed's chains at Conference, it should all be a hoot, a comedy of errors. But at the end of it all, after quaffing vast amounts of the Amber Nectar, a line or 20 of the 'white powder for la naze', and other mind altering substances, heads down the Great White Porcelain Telephone crying for "Hughieeeee" each morning after the previous nights debauch, along with the Nice ladies of the streets doing the 'private entertainment' - in the end, everyone of the Good Komrades will be singing, bleating or dribbling the 'Red Flag', the 'Marseillaise' and other Lefty Loony tunes.

    All in all, it should all be grand entertainment for the politically cynical amongst us.....
  2. Have you ever knowingly posted anything on this site in legible English? It's like reading posts from a retarded stroke victim.
  3. |He's an apparatchik! Guess who for?

    Just in case you can't work it out, it ain't Labour!
  4. That sounds like a party you can believe in. Where do I sign?
  5. Go tell us, you actually are not a Labour voter are you?
  6. I'm off to the Conservative conference, sorry.