Labour on course for victory

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I thought Ashie was back for a second then when I read the thread title.
  2. Victory has a thousand fathers, Labour is just an orphan.
  3. I think it's safe to say, that even Hitler in his bunker, has a better grasp on reality. :roll:
  4. He really, really has lost the plot!!!
  5. The only thing Gordon and most Labour MP's will win at the next election is one of these

  6. Who makes up the P45 for the dead-beats who will be thrown out of the trough?

    Is it the infamous Fees Office?

    If so, stand by for NI Contributions reaching galactic proportions for the Labour ex MPs, and for bills for missed contributions for the Tory 'toffs'.

    Our government and the system by which we are governed is finished!
  7. I'd personally say that he's on course to do us all a number of very, very big favours. First and foremost Brown staying in power unto the bitter end ought to utterly ruin Labour's chances of power for several decades, and with a bit of luck forever.

    Secondly the enormous debt that the man has run up will permanently discredit Socialism, and beggar future governments for a long time to come, thus ensuring that we get a succession of weakly non-interventionist administrations; they simply won't have the money to do much save pay off debts and shut the fsck up.

    Thirdly, a lack of money in Government will lead to a rapid and long overdue tightening of the dole purse strings which ought to make the UK look much less like the land of milk, honey and free handouts for the scum of the world.

    Last but not least El Gordo has probably so bollixed up his personal credibility that his post-politics employment will likely be as a punch-and-judy man on some tacky seafront.
  8. Oh, Wow! Definately a case suitable for treatment...... Gurney, White Coats... Medics..... Straight-jacket.... Cells, padded for loonies for the use of...!!

    Delusions of grandeur..... and....

    By Jason Brown on Jun 6th, 2009 at 5:10 pm Deluded Kinnock say Brown shouldn’t resign until after he has won two Elections! (

    The Welsh windbag, in an interview this morning, shows just how out of touch he is with the grassroots of the labour Party by saying that Gordon Brown should not step down down until he has won a further two elections. This despite the fact that the majority of party members now see the Prime Minister as a liability, and what him to go.

    :p :p
    They still have two bye-elections to contend with in he coming months. Norwich North and Gorbals Micks seat in Glasgow....
  9. Indeed. Gordon is often described as a greater asset for the Tories than Dave.

    Don't know about several decades. After the repeated hammerings they received from Maggie and the lurch to the left in the 80s, Labour were unelectable. Pundits confidently predicted that there wouldn't be another Labour government in the 20th century.

    In 1997 Tony Blair led Labour to its biggest ever landslide and the Tories suffered their worst defeat since the Duke of Wellington was in No 10. This was largely due to Tony's charisma and John Major tucking his shirt into his pants.

    Dave will be taking on the worst economic mess since the Great Depression. There'll be mass unemployment, strikes aplenty, rampant inflation and unprecedented debt. In short, all the things that made Maggie so popular in the early 80s. Is Dave up to that? I hope so but I'm not confident.

    Make no mistake. If Dave doesn't get it absolutely right, we'll be seeing Labour back in 2014 or 2015 with Harriet Harman as PM.

    One cloud with a silver lining is that S&P, the credit rating agency has put Britain on 'rating watch'. Essentially this means that, if Gordon doesn't stop spending like Robbie Williams in a brothel, we're going to lose our AAA credit rating. That'll make it much harder for the government to run up more debt.

    I think that was on the cards anyway. The Tories will not tolerate one third of the population getting most of its income from welfare.

    As a former PR guru, Dave knows what the public think about government owned banks making British families homeless while the same government provides refugee families with houses worth over a million quid and a six figure welfare income into the bargain. Gordon scratches his head when people link stuff like this to the rise of the BNP.

    He is apparently dropping heavy hints about how much he'd like to be a professor at Yale or Harvard. No doubt he'd like to work in America in order to avoid the taxes he has imposed on the rest of us.

    If he thinks the world's elite universities will be busy creating chairs just to attract Gordon, he should have a look at some of the articles in the Wall Street Journal or Washington Post. He's openly ridiculed for imposing catastrophic economic policies that everybody else advised against. His books, hardly academic tomes, would never have been published if he wasn't Prime Minister.

    Most of all, his obsessive stalking of Barak Obama might just persuade the Yanks not to give Gordon a work permit. Wouldn't want him caught climbing up the Whitehouse drain pipe to nick the soap out of Bazza's shower now would we.
  10. Agree totally with ALL the above-no-one needs to count his/her chickens just yet for a while....
  11. There are interesting parallels here in Germany where the SPD (Socialists) were hammered in the European elections. Shortly afterwards their candidate for Kanzler, Steinmeier, gave a rousing speech about their forthcoming victory in the Federal elections in September. :p I can only assume that he and Brown have been abusing the same controlled substances. As has been already mentioned, Adolf in his bunker had a better understanding of the situation.
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    All socialists live in a world of abstract idealistic Utopia, complete disconnection from reality is the norm (or DIN in this case).

    Its not politics for most, its indoctrination.
  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Don't underestimate the Labour party, remember, they have Lord High Pooh-Ba of Everything working for them, a master of guile who makes Macchiavelli look like Noddy in Toyland. There is still time for them to change the way votes are counted, how voting is done and who actually votes. Add to that the propensity for labour coincillors and acolytes to 'massage' the voting figures, to manipulate the opinion polls and to "fix" postal voting and we could see a major victory for the Party that knows no shame.
  14. I agree with the general thrust of your argument. The problem is, however, that if we lose our AAA rating the cost of servicing the national debt increases above what is currently predicted. It'll stop Gordon spending even more money we don't have, but it will also cost us a fortune to repay what he has already spent, and that will hurt us for years to come.

    Now, repeat after me, Labour Governments ALWAYS bankrupt Britain. Always.

    How do people not get this yet?