Labour News Conference

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dave8307, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. FFS, another News conference from Westminster trying to persuade us all to vote Liabour.....and, as has been spotted before, the whole studio is coloured PURPLE. What is it with this shower and purple, eh?? IIRC brothels favoured purple - I suppose its a subliminal message saying "Vote for us and we'll f*ck you again and again and again - just give us your money (what you have remaining, that is)"

    Harperson up first, Gord the One-Eyed Idiot and then I suppose that w*nker Mendlefumblebum.

    What a facking shower of sh*t to be on TV on this most glorious of English days - I feel betrayed

    edited because of mong fingers
  2. Damage controll after last night, didn't like Andrew Neals question, Harperson telling him to shut up
  3. Because it's the imperial colour associated with the Roman emperors and their successors the RC pontiffs...

    ...and we all know how tyrannical, mad, corrupt and debauched they were as well.


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  4. Until recently, I wasn't actually very interested, but the Liebour activists who seem to keep popping up on ARSSE really affront me because being vociferous political types, I imagine them all to be pimply, pasty Socialist zealots who look down their noses at the average Tom and have no empathy with his pride or his courage - so Liebour bashing season it is then! :twisted:

    I would have expected brown walls myself, not so much in honour of the celestial one, but to conceal the shit smog which emmanates from their mouths every time they speak and of course, yellow ties would be far more appropriate for Liebour than the Lib Dems because it would match the streaks down their spines.
  5. A master class in how not to answer a question
  6. Imperial Walts.
  7. You can go and fuck yourself.
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  8. That would be tricky as they have no spines.. moral and physical cowards...

    Gordon Brown writing a book on courage is like Ian Huntley writing a book on Child care.

    I really do wonder what kind of low life would defend the charlatans... it can't be out of principle as they have it must be for the money..which just makes them the lowest kind of whore.
  9. Oh so predictable.
  10. Spot on. I was watching earlier and I don't think they actually gave an answer to any question asked - just a soundbite! :x

    Andrew Neal censored! :x
  11. It can also be the colour of a brazilian lad's prolapsed ricker. That's why the dark lord likes it so much I suppose... 8O
  12. Don't forget the Che Guavera badge and/or T-shirt and/or beret. Or even the full blown 'Combat 75' camouflage jacket and trousers plus Rayban Aviators for that 'St Patrick's Day in Boston' look.
  13. F*ck me I've been wearing that outfit for years - my missus loves me in it, especially me Raybans......

    I'd better find something else to wear now - I know! An LBD, that'll show 'em - as long as I wear socks nobody will mind, will they?
  14. Dad??? Have you returned??! When I wanted a motorbike he used to say that I'd be old enough for one when my dick was big enough to touch my arse. It took many hours of thrapping, but I got there and when I told him, he said "Well, you can go and fcuk yourself."

    I'm consoled by the fact that my dick's probably bigger than yours and you also probably don't resemble the type of mong I had in mind :)
  15. Sinn Fein claimed brown for wall colouring several years ago...