Labour MPs rush for the lifeboats

From todays Spectator:

This snippet from today's Guardian tells you everything you need to know about Labour morale at the moment:

"Gordon Brown is facing an escalating crisis of confidence inside the parliamentary Labour party as record numbers of his MPs apply to sit in the House of Lords after the next general election.

In the clearest indication to date that increasing numbers of Labour figures believe the party is heading for a heavy defeat at the hands of David Cameron, the Guardian has learned that at least 52 MPs have formally approached Downing Street to be given places in the upper house.

The MPs include current chairs of select committees as well as past and serving middle and junior ranking ministers, according to Labour sources. They account for a seventh of those elected at the last election."

The clear threat for Brown is that this fin de siècle mood forces him out before the next election, on the basis that "anything is better than this". After all, Brown now has nothing to offer his colleagues. You can only bounce so many times, and you feel that the Dear Leader exhausted all his elasticity last autumn and - to a lesser degree - after the G20 summit. The prospects are much better for, say, a "Johnson bounce" - and, from the perspective of Labour MPs, that could could be enough to save a few seats.

SO Labour MPs trying to feather their own nests again - "I'm going to lose my seat next year so I will just get myself a job for life in the House of Lords"
So not content with a corrupt House of Commons they want to drag the House of Lords fiurther into the gutter than it already is.
Do these muppets really think the public are going to stand for them all trying to cling on to the gravy train via this route? Nobody out here in voter land is going to stand for it.
If they bump themselves up into the House of Lords and public anger will follow them where-ever they go.
The great British public are just discovering that their opinion does count and that perhaps they can do something about the festering corruption in politics. Those MP's who think they can hide in the House of Lords are sorely mistaken. Just another atempt on their part to subvert democracy in this country, do they really think they will be allowed to get away with it?
I have news for them, the public want thier pound of flesh over all of this, politicians can try as hard as they like but they cannot run and they cannot hide.

Remember, No Reward for Failure
royalmile said:
SO Labour MPs trying to feather their own nests again - "I'm going to lose my seat next year so I will just get myself a job for life in the House of Lords"
Will the upper house allow it, since they know there going under the magnifying glass next!


Book Reviewer
So Gordon Mugabe's last dying act will be toaward several utterly discredited, corrupt people a lifelong Lords per diem and allowances. he is incapable/unwilling to recognise that this is wrong.
Makes me sick, that stupid cnut Mcbride moaning about the stress and problems with childcare FFS she should try being a Pads wife during a deployment
'Over 50 Labour MPs might be after Peerages to be kicked upstairs...' Well if true, then these are the very type of people the Lords does not want or need.

Self seeking, self-centred, panic striken mungs who fear to take responsibility out in the 'Big Cruel World', after seing the shutters come down on the MPs 'Gravy Train'. They obviously, if successful in obtaining Peerages, have no intention of changing their greasy, wicked ways of 'Troughing It' at the Publics expense. :roll:

Whats the betting Cyclops McRuin will recomend them for Peerages just to spite the Boy Dave and the Torys when they take office as government....

Yep.... I think I should put in a claim for my moat, and Credit cards, Bar Tab at the 'Red Lion'.... and maybe some waccy bacccy from the local dealer..... :lol:
well as I am leaving soon I thought " I know I will become an MP!" no normally I wouldn't get a second look - bit guess what? They are very interested. Soon ARRSE may have its' own representative in the Lower House!!!
Mrs Patel tells a few fibs to get her kid into a good school and is taken to court for fraud,

646 MPs do the same thing only proffing shed loads of cash and get to pay it back and all is forgiven

Where the effin justice

As it now seems that all these lieing feckers are so ill they have to leave the house of thieves how did so many sick people manage to run the country
Just watched MP Morley on Sky News offering his cringing half apology for aparently not being aware that he defrauded the state of 16,000 pounds for a non existant mortgage! His main concern is the detrimental effect the whole affair has had on his family and on his health. The asian lady who is facing court for trying to do the best for her child within an apalling educational system faces a heavy fine and possibly jail. This fat labour fraud and thief ought to get his just deserts. Just what do you have to do in this country before the judicial system takes the appropriate steps within the penal system against those who deliberately break the law. The ridiculous sentences for the guardians of baby P are a perfect example. Sorry for the rant but this f*****g country is a joke. I am returning to the UK soon from Germany and I am not relishing the prospect. :evil: :evil:
Cameron now says the police must be brought in, about time
tropper66 said:
Cameron now says the police must be brought in, about time
It's not Cameron's decision though, is it?

Prosecution of MPs, Lords and party members is handled by the 'Special Crime Division' within the Crown Prosecution Service. Set up by Tony during the Cash for Peerages scandal in order to find that nobody involved in the scandal had a case to answer.

Until recently it was led by an old mate of Tony from his Oxford days who also happens to be a partner in Cherie Blair's Matrix Chambers. This clique has consistently decided that MPs and their mates should not be prosecuted for anything.

Lord Ahmed kills somebody through reckless driving. No he didn't. Peter Hain admits electoral fraud? No it wasn't. 4 Labour peers offer to change laws for a fee - not a crime (but, somehow, Damien Green exposing Home Office lies is a crime). Caught sh@gging at work - not a crime if you're an MP but it is if you're a police officer.

The police and CPS formed a working group last week to deal with this scandal. I strongly suspect that they are looking for ways to avoid prosecutions rather than actually doing their jobs.

The only real prospect of getting these canutes up in court is through private prosecutions. A number of individuals are pursuing this option and it's rumoured that Jacqui Spliff has a date with a magistrate next month.

I'd bet my pension that private prosecution of MPs is suddenly banned as soon as the first honourable member sets foot in the dock in response to a private summons.
If they get to serve out their term they are entitled to a huge payment to help them adjust to normal life and a pendion if they qualify.
If they are proved to have fiddled they should be booted out NOW and given nothing but a jail term/criminal record.
vvaannmmaann said:
Speaking of Cyclops,anyone seen him lately?
Are you kidding? He'll be doing his invisible man act until the expenses furore dies down. Then he'll be doing it again after next week's elections until he flees the country for the D-Day commemoration.

I've heard that he's getting a free election broadcast on the Andrew Marr show tomorrow. The invariably star struck Marr will be asking him how does he plan to deal with all of the evil Tory toffs who have been taking cash from starving babies to fill their moats with champaign.

I shudder to think what sort of desperate moves Gordon's going to pull on Saturday to try to get his photo taken with Obama, who will be in another part of France. Obama's 'people' are apparently increasingly worried about letting Gordon get within Nokia chucking range of the President.
tropper66 said:
Cameron now says the police must be brought in, about time
Well, I can't profess to know the ins and outs of the parlimentary expenses system, but claiming money against a non existant mortgage seems like Obtaining Money by Deception to me.

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