Labour MP threatens TA Soldier over Gurkhas

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by armchair_jihad, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey Mods why don't you let a thread about an MP threating an TA Soldier with legal action for making a reasonable (and lawful) complaint, be deliberately derailed by arrses new labour internet troll. Then all you have to do is chuck the lot in the hole! Hurrah! A major triumph of information management.

    Or is this issue too 'fact free' for you?
  2. Do you know this incident happened for a cast iron fact do you?

    There seems to be some doubt over who wrote what to who isn't there.

    That is the first point.

    The second is that troll boy will learn fairly shortly a repetition of his antics to date will result in loss of access to this means.

    Meanwhile, build a bridge and get over it.
  3. A pretty lazy opening gambit PTP, It was reported in enough of the main stream press and broadcast media to believe that if it didn't the MP would have injunctions flying around.

    A theme that was being explored with some very well balanced posts, some giving the MP the benefit of the doubt, all in all it was a positive thread;

    to quote mysteron

    I doubt that, I really do, he's been allowed to run riot and do the bidding of his masters, taking real advantage of arrses MOD policy.

    are you telling me to move on? How very new labour, actually do you know I won't