Labour MP threatens TA Soldier over Gurkhas

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armchair_jihad, May 24, 2009.

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  2. what do you expect from an MP, self centred spoungers as bad as the DHSS dole layabouts only better at screwing the system.
    we should use then for target practice, both MP's and long term layabouts.
  3. Threatening a member of the Army isn't too clever really. Still, he's only a constituent who's unlikely to vote for him so doesn't count. I'd say "sue me" but the bloody MP would find away to get legal aid for a libel case. Not that it matters, I reckon the dumb fcuk Jenkins has got himself into a spot of bother now. :twisted:
  4. [​IMG]

    A face I would never get tired of punching :x
  5. Indicative of the sneering and autocratic demeanour shown by many MPs - of all parties - to their constituents. This particular apparatchik is clearly well-schooled in the Stalin Academy of Enforcing Compliance.

    I know neither Mr. Clegg nor the MP, but I do know who I believe. A clue: the person most likely to be telling the truth is at Cambridge University.

    The threat of legal action is reprehensible in the extreme. (I note that Jenkins splits his infinitives and fails to proof-read his correspondence). I also note that Electoral Calculus predicts that the Tories will overturn the bully's 2571 majority by a considerable margin at the next opportunity.

    I wonder if he has the finances to fund legal action against every Arrse member who writes to him telling him he is an unmitigated excrement encrusted sphincter? (Silly me, of course he has - allowances and expenses!)
  6. He seems like he should be a nice enough chap though....

    Maybe he is just under a bit of stress. If so I feel he is about to do a Samson, maybe he could pop around and apologise to the lad, the lad could apologise back.

    The MP could then affirm his position on the subject of Gurkhas.

    Certainly reading the article it appears that this could just be a horrible mix up, in that the MP reckons the TA lad has written to him regards Gaza in the past, but doesn't beleive he wrote regarding Gurkhas.

    Living just up the road from this area, the local MPs tend to be all over the writing back bit.

    Time for an MP to prove he is a good man instead of a big man?
  7. Regardless of what was said in the letter to the MP, I fail to see how it could count as “publishing” for the purposes of libel.

    I agree with the mix up theory, the fact that the MP's letter does not state the issue he was supposedly libelled on suggests that it is a standard letter that is produced in bulk and sent to everybody who criticises him. Some sloppy administration could easily get it sent to the wrong person. Alternatively he did not bother to read soldier's the letter properly; just identified it as criticising him and so sent the standard threatening reply.
  8. This man is a prize CNUT, does anyone have his email? Let's see how many legal actions he will need after today.

    I am busy today but if anyone can be bothered to knock up an arrse letter to be sent by individuals I would happily send it and submit it to his local paper.
  9. The MP's letter sounds like the work of one of those unpaid interns MPs take on so they can pay their entire staff budget to their wives. (Before you ask, MPs are conveniently exempt from minimum wage legislation).

    The intern was probably fighting with Young Conservatives in a student's union somewhere and pi$$ing through the letterbox of the local Tory club until finishing his finals a few weeks ago.

    You know the old saying about what you get if you pay peanuts.
  10. He may or may not be. If you read the story again you will see that the whole thing is likely to be just a mix-up. The MP refers to a letter that the student denies writing.
  11. For some reason a lot of M.P's who have never served in the armed forces or come from a miltary family's or once they become a M.P. tend to forget their roots and where they come from .
    For Joe Public and Members of the Armed Forces family's have to live on a basic wage to pay for every day essential items and they are not millionaires who claim for second homes and luxury items which they dont really need . At least Joe public etc are more in tune with Gurkha soldiers and campaigned to let the Gurkha come and live in the uk then M.P.'s in the past who had ‘voted to keep the Gurkhas in poverty’ by not agreeing to let them settle in the UK. Which have now been sorted . But for some reason M.P's do and not listen to the public etc.
  12. Seconded. A pathetic, cowardly, worthless little man. :evil:
  13. Even if it is a mix-up threatening legal action is a bit OTT.

    I side with "the MP is a cnut" faction.

    "You have damaged my good name" - oh how I laughed.
  14. whip round for Mr Clegg perhaps?
  15. I'd prefer to whip an Asp or PR24 around Mr Jenkin's head... :twisted: