Labour MP says it's class war as much as anti fox hunting

Labour MP Peter Bradley says in the papers today the ban on fox hunting was/is aimed at "killing the old order" and taking on the "Gentry"..this is class war....

OK I declare war on the Labour Party and its lickspittle supporters. Think I'll start where is that list of labour MP's details....
So much for human rights

The ban on fox hunting is driven by the Labour Party's desire to stamp out "the old order" dominated by the country's landowning upper classes, a Labour MP wrote in The Sunday Telegraph.

"This is not about the politics of envy but the politics of power. Ultimately it's about who governs Britain," Peter Bradley said.

"The struggle over the bill was not just about animal welfare and personal freedom, it was class war," he said.
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Indeed. Blind Pugh, the Reichfuhrer SS, has instructed the police to enforce the hunting ban. Given that the police have proved utterly unable to protect rural communities from 'ordinary' crime such as robbery and burglary, as well as already illegal activities such as hare-coursing and poaching, the priority given to hunting and the way New Labour are determined to crush anyone who disagrees with them would reinforce the contention that this is class war.
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Somebody should tell Peter Bradley that the Cold War is over, and that his side lost...
If they really want utter chaos, they're going the right way about it.. CNUTS!
I cum from a old working class area N West UK what used to be industrial Lancashire before all the industry went.
Class hatred it was basic Labour education as a lad, Them and Us.
your working class and you vote Labour.
Labour has exssited over the years on class warfare, it delibratly destroyed the education system and drags the service down with its over management by left wing would be commisars.
read the Gaurdiand and get a job supervising off white, single mothers with same sex tendancies, take it draft once and sponge off the state for ever.
Hate the bastards
During the recent Australian Federal election the Labour opposition (already popular in the polls) started troting out policies that were clearly class based to financially punish the wealthy. They entirely misjudged the nation where lower income earners aspire to become higher income earners (and more and more are increasingly achieving this) and where people of all backgrounds react when attacks on any one part of society are based purely on class. Result, an overwhelming win for the Conservative Government (despite widespread hatred because of Iraq).

The British Labour party forgett that once elected they are there to serve all. Not just the ones that voted for them.
Did you see his last omminous statement about "land reform"? Does the man get his ideas from Zanu-PF? Considering that at least part of his Wrekin constituency must be rural (I think it includes the Eyton point-to-point course) he seems to know absolutely jack-sh1t about the modern countryside.
There is no such thing as a squirearchy any more, hasn't been since death duties broke most estates after the Wars. Most of the land is owned by working farmers, what are we going to do, give it to (non existant) peasants?

The sheer bloody-minded ignorance of his article just took my breath away.
Aha, I see that this man P Bradley MP wrote an extremely pompous letter to Lord Hutton claiming that no-one paid any attention to the government's 45 mins claim or the dossier in general until attention was drawn to it by Andrew Gilligan. Wait out...
part of Peter Bradley MP's letter to Lord Hutton. Comments follow

21 July 2003
Lord Hutton The Hutton Inquiry

Dear Lord Hutton

I hope that the information set out in this letter will make a helpful contribution to your current Inquiry. It is not intended in any way to diminish the seriousness of the issues which it covers. However, I do wish to challenge the assumption which forms the basis for the very serious charge that the Government led this country into war on a false premise which
lies at the heart of the matters which you are investigating.

The assumption, which has been widely and repeatedly featured in the press and media, is that the claim in Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction -The Assessment of the British Government that Iraq had the capacity to launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes played a crucial role in shaping both public opinion and, in particular, the decision made by Members of Parliament on 18 March this year to authorise this
country's participation in the Iraq war. In my view the dossier's claim, whatever its accuracy or probity, had no such significance . Indeed, according to my research, little attention was paid to it at all until Andrew Gilligan's broadcast on the Today programme of 29 May.

In early June, following Andrew Gilligan's report, I asked the House of Commons Library to undertake research which might establish, in quantifiable terms, the importance of the intelligence about Iraq's WMD launch capacity in the minds of MPs, both in the critical period between 24 September and 18 March and in the subsequent two months before 29 May.

The enclosed memorandum prepared for me by Greg Howard of the House of Commons Library confirms that, in the eight month period following the Prime Minister's statement on 24 September, despite there being over 70 formal opportunities in which MPs could have raised the issue in the House of Commons, just one made reference to it, in passing, in a debate on 25 November.
... [more statistics]

I should like to add a little more anecdotal evidence based on my own assessment of the Government's dossier last September simply because I believe that it is broadly representative of that of many of my colleagues at the time.

From late Summer 2002 to mid March 2003, 1 was "open-minded but sceptical" about the case for war -open-minded because I believed that Iraq had WMD, sceptical because I could see no convincing evidence that those weapons posed an imminent danger such as would justify military intervention.

But while the dossier's claim that Iraq could launch WMD within 45 minutes was certainly noteworthy, it had a very limited significance for me, and I would suggest, for others, because it did not establish that Iraq had an intention to deploy WMD either within that or some other time-frame. Indeed, it did not address that issue.

In an article I wrote for a local newspaper shortly after 24 September, I expressed the view that the dossier which the Prime Minister published answered many questions but for the most part simply confirmed what many already knew. . . The key issue for me is not whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, nor that Saddam has been prepared in the past to use them, but whether he is actually planning to use them now . . . The dossier, as compelling as it is, provides no answer to that central question.


Yours sincerely
Source: an adobe automatic conversion from Hutton pdf, not guaranteed
Born and brought up in the North. Labour party policy is and has been for many years to keep the North poor and stupid so that it continues to vote Labour.
This man is a sycophantic slug of the first order. He is, by the sounds of it, so far up TBLiars arrse its lucky if he can see daylight :evil:

This Government is allowing its arrogance to blind it to the dangerous course it is now taking. It may all eventually blow up in its face.
They are really extracting the urine. They think that because they've been able to roll - over everybody that it's OK and nobody cares. Roll on the election, it's time to give these lying, meddling cretins a good kicking.
foxhole said:
The truth about Bradley is that he went to a minor public school ,Abingdon College, and has a big chip on his shoulder about it.
He probably didn't have a fag and was forced to "consume" after a game of soggy buscuit. Scarred him for life as part of the class system.