Labour MP loses £65k golden handshake


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it's a start...

'A Labour MP will be stripped of a £65,000 allowance for retiring MPs after a "particularly serious" breach of the rules over his expenses claims.'

why isnt the robbing cnut up on charges though?


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There was a report on this in the Daily Telegraph a week or two ago.

There would seem to be a fairly clear case for referring this to the Crown Prosecution Service. How could Harry Cohen MP claim it to be his main home if he was renting it out? (And in law ignorance of the law is no defense).

But something tells me he won't get his collar felt.

To misquote Samuel Johnson - "Politics - the last refuge of a scoundrel".

Most of the time I don't believe in God. But every now and then doubt occurs.
So let me get this straight, We are not going to give this guy his bonus because he STOLE money from the Public???
Well its good to see justice being done!!
It's a shame we don't have some of the laws the Chinks have, if we had he would be losing most of his brains & part of his skull too.
He will lose the resettlement grant MPs are entitled to on stepping down.
Wow I cannot remember exactly how much I was allowed as resettlement grant, was it it the same as an Member of parliament?( I do believe they all can get £65,000 even if they only do one stint or if they resign) as in all those not standing at next election due to expense scandals, will get their resettlement grants as far as i am aware.

Pension isn't too bad either if they do a full term of 5 years ...

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