Labour MP in "being sensible" shock

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dave8307, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. He will never last in the new socialist republic with an attitude like that.
  2. Sensible comment, reasonable opinions, He'll disappear into room 101 in the blink of an eye!
  3. Well thats refreshing but nobody will listen to him

  4. He makes some sound points here and he hits the nail on the head by stating that it's not the strategy that counts, it's the implementation of that strategy that counts.

    This is but the tip of the iceberg in the issues that face the government in reshaping the feckless society that we live in but it is a small step in the right direction.

    I wish, however, that he had spellchecked the document and checked its grammar.
  5. A good peice from a man who could be accused of having a bit of common dog at times.

    I wont go into his past mistakes (altough his towing of the party policical line has seen him come unstuck on his own blog).

    He is of course entirely correct,IMHO,in his sentiment.

    However coming out with this at the tail end of over a decade of his party possitively encouraging a client state rings of too little too late.

    Good effort Tom and I wish there were more like you,but where were you ten years ago?
  6. From what I can see he's saying being an unemployed teenage mum is wrong. And it is.

    But the problem he says is that it's the only way these girls can get their own pad and an income... and the solution is er, parenting classes for all? That'll work then, will it? Good on him for having the balls to say it's wrong, but as for sorting things out he's got no more clue than the rest of us.
  7. I feel he may be voted out in the next election. He obviously lives in an area where he is likely to be reviled for his opinions...
  8. Theres only one way to sort it out, and its a multiple stage process:

    1. Create jobs by preventing unskilled immigrant workers from coming in.
    2. Create an alternative to school by providing real alternative qaulifications (carpentry, pluming, etc. not ridiculous NVQs). Allow people to transfer from standard track schooling at about the age of 14.
    3. Start paying unemployment benefits by the day, so people can't hold a normal job as well.
    4. Start gradually reducing benefits to encourage people back into work as the jobs open up.
    5. Start zero-tolerance policing so that crime and violence cannot be pastimes for the benefits-class. This will also improve standards nationwide, although middle class motorists will probably get a bit unhappy.
    6. Stop paying massive benefits to single parents.
    7. Stop giving increased child benefit for each new child. A flat rate for each parent would stop excessively large benefit-class families.
    8. Retire from government content in the knowledge that you are the best national leader since Churchill.
  9. A decent article, I'm suprised a Labour MP has got such a realistic opinion. I can definately see some resentment coming from his constituents who are like he described.
  10. With you on all those except number 5.

    I'll add another as well, to deal with EU migrants who decide the UK is a soft touch. In Spain you get no benefits until you've held a job and paid your taxes for 12 months.
  11. I would also suggest that 7 needs a look at.

    I would like to see benefits halted on ANY additional children.If a mother wants more kids then why should we pay for it?

    Let her raise her first to an age where she no longer has to dote on it and if she wants more then she can get out and graft to support it.If you cant support your child then why should we be expected to?

    The longer we encourage this type of lifestyle the longer it will go on,to the detriment of us all.

    If I cant afford a car I dont buy one and expect the taxpayer to bail me out when I default on payment,I simply go without.

    Right now I have got that off of my chest Im just popping off to drown some kittens in baby seal blood.
  12. I enjoyed reading that, I guess everyone has a Jerry McGuire moment, and that was his...
  13. The problem is that a lot of these people view unskilled service jobs such as working in fast food outlets and cleaning as beneath them. I get great entertainment listening the the great unwashed complaining in the pub about all the immigrants coming over and stealing THEIR jobs when the vast majority are unemployed and haven't worked in years.
  14. Cross the floor of the House young man.

    Common sense and ZANU Nu Liarbour do not sit easily together. He will be hammered by 'Stalin' when the ogre like poltroon returns from America.