Labour MP hates the Top Brass

I detest politicians and only marginally support the military heirachy but this one really gets my back up. Kevan Jones a GMB hack who is now MP for North Durham has been wasting taxpayer's money asking stupid questions in parliament ,ad infinitum, on the back of the Freedom of Information Act.

Examples include: How much in expenses did the CIGs claim (Dannet) £2,429.53p. (As against the sum claimed by the Hon. Member, £144,246.)

He goes on to demand costs incurred spent on 'flowers'. Result- The Adjutant General spent £72.12 on flowers for an official engagement. Whilst the GOC(NI) spent £190.
He also spent £15.99 on a working lunch. The CIC spent £9 on B&B for two colleagues. WHAT!

This dork of an MP however has uncovered a real beauty, the taxpayers forked out £17 on pitch markers for the General's tennis courts.

I suppose this is a most amusing spat between a 'chippy' MP and the 'toff brass' but it is an expensive one. Each and every question this ******** comes up with costs you and me several thousands.

However it's alright 'cos MP's debated to an empty house whilst they demanded exemption from The Freedom of Information Act regarding their expenses.

Step forward the Hon. Member for North Durham who fought tooth and nail for this exemption - Kevan Jones.

ps: Is anyone here a member of this ********'s constituency? Please explain yourself and why you voted for this numpty.
I live just to the North. It is Labour party policy hereabouts to keep the locals poor and stupid, thereby guaranteeing they will vote labour.

Two MOD ships were moved from the Tyne to the Clyde to be finished. Labour MPs here have large majorities, those on the Clyde are being seriously challenged by the SNP- pure coincidence of course.

Tried Googling Kevan (presumably his dad couldn't spell kevin) no mention of any proper employment, polytechnic degree then worked as a union official (GMB) before becoming a full time councillor. Supports Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman(isn't her husband head honch of the GMB). Ideal profile to look after the interests of the poor and stupid.
Just another name to add to the Mass Graves Vacancies List.

Speaking of cnuts, I just watched Des Broon on C4 News, and only barely restrained myself from giving the TV the full Elvis treatment.

Des has a face I would never get tired of kicking.

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