Labour MP charged with Perverting Course of Justice

Worse than that, presumably to make that speech she must have been called by the Squeeker, that odious toad Bercow.
Not only that when she had finished her speech he thanked her ! Something I've never heard before.
Skipped most of this thread, was it guilty and when does it go down?
Got three months, served about five minutes eighteen seconds. On a tag at the moment with, it seems, very liberal conditions.


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If the other MP's there had any integrity at all they should have walked out as soon as she stood up to speak .
MPs and integrity. Words one rarely hears in the same sentence.
The recall vote ended yesterday(?) so has anyone got news of the count yet?
No, it ends this evening. Timing of announcement then depends on how quickly they count, and when Bercow can be arsed to declare formally the result. The Commons has a slightly late sitting, so not impossible for something then if only five people bothered to sign the petition, but more likely tomorrow (Thu) morning, or even later.

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