Labour MP charged with Perverting Course of Justice

Jimmy Saville is alive and well, I saw him last week. So is Garry Glitter.

Jimmy Savile, and Gary Glitter on the other hand .....
I see Onasanya has failed to vote in the two contentious motions in the HoC over the past few days ... the Govt lost these by small margins ... I believe .... however according to the Peterborough Telegraph ....

The lack of action from Ms Onasanya is in contrast to her column in today’s Peterborough Telegraph where she makes it clear she will vote down the EU withdrawal agreement when it comes before MPs.
Full article ...

Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya misses second Brexit vote - but promises to reject final EU deal

Future votes on Brexit could enter a situation in which they are won or lost by the whim of convicted criminal awaiting sentence deciding first whether to vote and second how to vote ... interesting times .


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I see this person has failed to vote in the two contentious motions in the HoC over the past few days ... the Govt lost these by small margins ... I think .... however according to the Peterborough Telegraph ....
Hopefully, she'll be sentenced before then
Bloke up here just got 12 months suspended for playing the invented driver game & he plead guilty.
She surely has to get a significantly greater sentence when taking into consideration all the factors.
Factors such as . . . . . . being a female MP of colour who has been stirring the pot already about the injustice of it all and will doubtless have a vociferous following ready to cry "Racism, misogyny etc"

It's not like she's some ordinary white male schlub.


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I still fail to understand how this lying conniving bitch wasn't weighed off on the day the jury came back. Surely she had a bag of tampax, toiletries and race-cards with her as it could hardly come as any surprise to get a custodial if (WHEN) it went against her. So the lying bitch has got MS???? Should have been remanded in custody until sentencing as anyone else would have been if their prison bag hadn't been so stuffed full of race cards. Quite honestly, I'd double check the med records as i doubt the **** has got anything other than a touch of AWD.
Not me , I was miles too young for that . Had far more interesting things to do at that age The roof of their house was visible from my back garden and you remember those 9 penny rockets that if you unfolded the paper from the top was just the right size for the fuse end of a banger to fit ? I should have joined a mortar platoon as I was quite a good shot :)
She might, but perhaps I have a better memory for ephemera. "Bridge that gap..." was the tag line in the old Cadbury's Snack ad. A Mars a day, as any fule kno, helped you work, rest and play.

Am I right?

It was the '60s, after all, so she would hardly have been in any fit condition to remember what all confectionery was being shoved up her. She probably still finds the occasional Malteser.
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