Labour Moving to Europe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Powerslave, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done already.

    First, we have talk of that traitorous Chesire cat Tony Bliar being nominated for President of the EU.

    Now, there's talk of David Miliband being lined up as EU Foreign Minister!

    Why would they want a twat/child as Foreign Minister? I can just imagine the Russian Foreign Minister quivering in his boots at the thought of having hard talks with Dave.

    By the way, any chance Gordon Brown being the first Finance Minister of the EU? I mean, this is a man whose financial intellect is so powerful, he saved the world!

  2. Well the last time Millipede rang up Sergey Lavrov to tell him off the conversation was rather one sided and somewhat 'robust'…

    As Lavrov put it to Millipede… "Who the fvck are you to lecture me"
  3. There's no way the EUrines will tolerate two Brits in high places, a British president would guarantee an FM of another nationality.
  4. Its all part of the Lisbon stitch up because they are finished here.

    Welcome to your new unelected masters.
  5. The EU has several hundred million people as a population, that tells me that there are several hundred million people who would be better at being EU foreign Minister than Millipede! Cant they select someone else?
  6. You're right, CQMS but this is a Plan B for if St Tony isn't given the top job.

    I can't see Milliband being keen, though, since this would scupper his chances of being Labour leader.

    If the polls are correct, there is every chance that Labour will still be the second largest party after the election - and thus HMQ's Loyal Opposition - possibly against a government with a majority of about 30-40.

    That sort of majority is not too difficult to overturn, particularly if the incumbent government is unpopular (which it may well be given the sort of cuts it'll have to impose).

    If Milliband still harbours ambitions of being the PM, then taking this post could be the end of his political career.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind betting that if it comes to pass that we end up with a Brit as the EU Foreign Minister, the incumbent will be everyone's favourite Lord Mandleson... For a start, Mandy hasn't been told to foxtrot oscar by the Russians and is on good terms with some of the Kremlin's favourtie plutocrats....
  7. Mandelson is the fly in the ointment, if they dangle the EU FM in front of him he'll drop Blair and Brown in a flash. His only role is to keep Gordon in place until the Czechs ratify Lisbon, once that happens his knives will be out for Blair.