Labour Minister calls for his Grandson to be hanged

....along with most of his freinds -

Herbert Morrison, one of Attlee’s colleagues in the greatest of Labour governments 60 years ago. He once said that, although an opponent of the death penalty, he would keep capital punishment for one thing alone, corruption in public life or embezzlement of taxpayers’ money.

One wonders what he would have thought of his grandson Peter Mandelson’s adoring phrase about the filthy rich – or about “Labour” politicians who have put those words into practice. Our politicians should think themselves lucky that Morrison’s principle doesn’t apply.

I must say I think Grandpa Morrison was 100% correct, corruption in public life or embezzlement of taxpayers’ money should carry the death penalty. It does in China and I am glad to say it is often applied.

Just think if that MoD 'official' who got a couple of months in prison for destroying the UK's mortar bomb manufacturing capacity in return for a suitcase of Italian cash, had actually been hanged. Would Bowman and the like have happened?

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