Labour Minister accused of Anti-Semetic remarks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. So a Neu Arbeit Oberst appeals directly to the Muslim vote.

    Start canvassing your families and lets get rid of this treacherous bunch of cr*p at the next election.
  2. typical of the anti-zionist lefties :roll:

    agent smtih
  3. fcuking outrageous, Tory diversity spokesman did a good job of demolishing this on R4 this evening.
  4. I confess to finding this rather confusing.

    Very laudable. But if he really believes it, why does he go on to contradict himself by saying:

    I stand to be corrected, but it seems to me that xenophobia and anti-semetism are fundamentals of Islamic belief.

    O'Brien comes across as yet another expendable lightweight Neue Arbeit lickspittle, sent by the Reichkanzlerei to do a bit of rabble-rousing amongst the Muslims by spouting crap he doesn't actually understand.
  5. No, no, NO VB

    Apart from that, I agree with you :wink:
  6. Just to get a further point

    Although not xenephobia by definition................surely this is Religeous Intolerance? It is certainly scaremongering

    Why don't christian families start applying en masse to other faith schools? We are now after all, an equel and tolerant multicultural society.

    Naturally they would have to ensure that their was no infringement of our right to practice our faith free from persecution or intolerance
  7. As in Saudi Arabia, possibly?
  8. Oh you shock me......................I always though they were so .....y'know......tolerant :oops: :wink:
  9. Interesting point LWM

    I was contacted by a Goanese Catholic Lady who wanted to send her child to a Faith School (Well, the local Catholic one)

    They refused. The Lady concerned, has lived in the area since she came over in the 60's and wanted to send her child to a school that provided a decent standard of education , and of course, catered for her faith.

    There have been all sorts of reasons given, none of which stand up to scrunity.

    The lady concerned, absolutely refuses to play the race card, but is extremely disappointed that she can be discriminated against (For whatever reason as yet undetermined) within a Faith she practices devoutly.

    It goes deeper than just Faith schools , and it's a slippery slope downwards. I know "Liberal" Politicians across the 3 parties who are vehemently opposed to extra Faith Schools being created, to cater for one section of the Community.

    If I want to see the proposed syllabus of a Faith School, why are the Governors and Headteacher so reluctant to let me have sight of one?

    We can't practise and promote multiculturalism and integration, if one section of the community, is determined that this won't happen.

    I'll be blunt , there are some politicians , so determined to accomodate "Strangers in a strange land" , that they are unwittingly providing the materials to enable these communities to buld their Moat and unassailable walls.

    Oh well, I expect there'll be another attempt to kick me out of the party for saying that :roll:
  10. Errr, off-topic PTP. Thread locked, etc. :lol:

    Would be good to have your views on O'Brien's article (allegedly produced by Neu Arbeit Propaganda Machine and published under his signature).
  11. Ooooooops :oops:

    Well I did get back on the rails in my closing remarks Hackle :D

    I'll answer more fully tomorrow, after I phone a few people :twisted:

  12. One of my frequent points (when I get invited to bore people at a party where no-one know's me and the discussion arises) is that it would appear multi-culturism is one way only.

    Nothing is done by other cultures to disprove that impression.
  13. Thanks PTP, will look forward to your as-ever instructive thoughts. Personally I think the "O'Brien" article is outrageous, irrespective of which party produced it and which party it is aimed at. The technique of propaganda as questions ("What will Michael Howard do for British Muslims?" "Will he give you the choice of sending your children to a faith school?" etc) is straight from Dr Goebbels' manual.
  14. PTP: "We can't practise and promote multiculturalism and integration..."

    No, we can't. The two are mutually exclusive.