Labour Lies

Post-election: Bliar says "I've listened and learned" and promptly appoints two unelected cronies to ministerial jobs.

17 May: Lords reform to be omitted from Queen's Speech, despite manifesto pledge.
I think Private Eye's cover last week summed up Bliar's understanding of listening and learning! His trouble is that he hears divine direction, rules by divine right and honestly (I suspect) thinks he really is a great leader and a moral lighthouse. As he is "none of the above" he has a reality problem.

What is the difference between a House pf Lords made up of the descendants of the friends and bastards of past monarchs and one made up of the friends, some of whom incidentally are right bastards, of St Tony? The degree of discrimination they bring to political debate for one...
TCB has never listned in his life to anything other than the sound of his own farts. Unless you count Mandleson (more camp than a row of tents).

They've got to be joking, respect! The buggers wouldn't know respect if it jumped up and bit them on the arrse! Most of the ideas in the speech appear to have been shamelessly pinched from the Tories (points for asylum seekers, that wouldn't be placing a quota on it would it? :roll: )

Tougher punishments for anti-social behaviour, I take it these will involve the non-existent prision places then?

Meanwhile they're going to carry on ignoring the main long-term problems like the collapase of the countries infrastructure. In 15 - 20 years time most of the nuclear and coal power generating plants are going to be in the process of being de-commissioned. We'll be relying on gas supplies from such wonderfully stable and trouble free countries like Russia. What happens when the lights go out? What happens if we run out of gas for a couple of weeks in the middle of winter, really useful not having any working central heating or lighting.

Cretins the lot of them! Narrow-minded short-term glory-mongers!

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